US Liberal media and the decadent culture

Liberal media’s role in the constant changing decadent culture

The intellectually (bereft) constipated look of Chris Matthews of MSNBC, who reported to his viewing audience, that Obama gave him a thrill up his leg. Matthews is representative of the corrupted liberal news media.

It is this web author’s firm belief that this world’s [cosmos] culture is not improving, but on the decline. The prophetic words of Jesus Christ in the Christian Gospels and those other prophetic words in the rest of the Christian New Testament, evidence this ragged downward trend and pull.

Liberal media and the ones employed by it, are self serving in a number of major ways. This dishonest media adopts certain worldview agendas by means  of refusing to report reality. Instead, it deliberately distorts reality.  Lib media will principally distort reality by censor. This is the suppression (limiting and / or blocking) of relevant information, thus depriving the population masses of needed reality information to help them improve their living conditions.

Not only is there, the discriminate censoring by major media personalities, their only agenda tool; these unsavory media personalities will emphasize their pet pieces of propaganda. This dishonest media thrust accomplishes their propaganda push by a combination of tactics: censor; altering  the news narrative and pure disinformation. And, in order to create its own goals; liberal media will outright lie in order to shape and mold public opinion.  The news media is a business. It is driven by ideology. It is not about journalism; but pointed agendas.

Not only do the media love to trumpet their own agendas; they love to promulgate what they falsely view as the latest supposed “scientific” and statistical  findings. David Kupelian of WND has written an excellent commentary, “The Lie Launderers,” in which (one of the things) he highlights, was how the abortion on demand crowd were able to successfully lie to media. And, of course, the lapdog media willingly accepted the propaganda lie and began to report it because it fit into their corrupted worldview.

Finally, another thing that can be objectively observed over the years about the liberal news media:

With every political change, media sound bite owners have positioned themselves as friendly chameleons to embrace and reflect changing new government power structures. This is not to conclude that liberal media does not have an agenda of its own. It does. And that agenda is to promulgate amoral, immoral manifestations of the sinking decadent culture. Like the Athenian philosophers of old, the liberal news culture is rapt with attention to accept, report and promulgate the latest novelty.

Oh yes;  let’s not forget to follow the Hollywood type money trail of lib media.

Note:  This aforementioned mini commentary, was not, in anyway, intended to describe journalism.

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Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel


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5 thoughts on “US Liberal media and the decadent culture

  1. Geir Smith says:

    Hello Nathan, I want to stress that when talking about Obama, I’m certain there’s a religious dimension which must be broached.

    Indeed, I’m convinced this is the Antichrist.

    The Bible says that the Antichrist cannot be defeated by worldly means but only by divine means. That’s why the sign of heaven which caused 666 to be drawn on the day of Obama’s election needs to be spread throughout the world by announcing it.

    Intellectually, this must be broached, because otherwise, the Antichrist will not be defeated. But this takes intellectual power and grasp to achieve. Those with limited intellect will not be able to make this spiritual leap. Omens, miracles and heavenly reality are things the ordinary limited intellect cannot grasp.

    1. Geir Smith –

      Thank you for reading and for commenting!

      Very interesting video. As to the “religious dimension,” – I think it so strange that so many Christians voted for Obama, the first time around. I hope that they will wise up this second time around.

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