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  Obama's Marxist bent is driven to redistribute Americans'wealth via his political machinations. This is another major hypocritical inconsistency of Obama who claims to be a Christian

Obama’s Marxist bent is driven to “redistribute” (steal)  Americans’ wealth via his political machinations. This is another major hypocritical inconsistency of Obama who claims to be a Christian

Obama is an unsavory extortion thief. It is well established as to his intentions and political record to re-distribute Americans’ wealth.

Obama also has been known to molest Christian Scripture, misinterpreting what Christ stated about being our brother’s keeper. Obama believes government is to be the “corporate brother’s keeper.”  This is his solution to peoples’ social problems.

Contrary to Obama, Christ, clearly makes it plain, in His parable of the stewardship of the talents that a man is to be personally responsible for what he possesses and what he has been entrusted [with]. [Matthew 25:14-30] No where does Christ ever hint that a person’s wealth should be micro managed by government and re-distributed.

In Christ’s teaching parable, the servant who put to interest his given talents, and, who reaped an increase, was rewarded the one talent that the unfaithful servant squandered by burying. And, in the end, the unfaithful servant was punished. What Obama, though, desires of US government, is opposite of what Christ taught. Obama wants big government, to reward slothfulness and unproductively by extorting (stealing) from rank-in-file productive American citizens, to unjustly reward an undeserving segment of the population which, oftentimes,  is content upon living off the continued productivity and successful efforts of those who work diligently and who wisely steward their money, as Christ’s parable, would illustrate.

In summary – this parable of Christ applauds personal responsibility and effort and frowns upon laziness and irresponsibility. If anything in the Christian Scriptures, is a “plug” for free enterprise and Capitalism; it is this parable of Christ. No where in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures is the idea that government should play the almighty extortionist thief and pilfer and steal from the industrious segment of society to re-distribute and reward the less industrious, the lazy and the irresponsible.

Note:  The aforementioned parable of Christ is a story with a spiritual / heavenly meaning. This web author only related a corollary temporal deduced interpretation, based upon the wider meaning of spiritual responsibility.


Saul Alinsky:  The Evil Genius Behind Obama – – by Dr. Jerome Corsi

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Obama has extorted umpteen millions from American taxpayers. For instance: Failed green energy give-a-ways and "stimulus shovel ready" bogus jobs programs

Obama has extorted umpteen millions from American taxpayers. For instance: Failed green energy give-a-ways and “stimulus shovel ready” bogus jobs’ programs

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Please note for future voting consideration reference:


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