Benghazi American murders and media’s shameless propaganda onus card

Obama does give his anus and the media a break once in awhile

Obama does give his anus and the media a break once in awhile

It’s been established that the shameless American leftist (politically correct and Obama) media consorted [together] over the horrific terrorist deaths planned and perpetrated against 4 Americans in order to play another propaganda onus card. This time it was an onus propaganda card played against the Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney. Their modus operandi:  Don’t focus on Obama’s failed foreign policy, and Obama’s poor protection of American diplomats;  but, smoke screen that failure by hitting upon Obama’s election challenger.

Also:  Here, following, is what the media failed to disclose; all because they desired to play cheap propaganda politics, all at the expense of America being attacked [again] by Islamist terrorists:

The American Media Beclowned Themselves Yesterday –


>>>>>>>> Yesterday, we learned that there were no Marines protecting our Ambassador to Libya despite State Department warnings about violence and kidnappings in the Benghazi. We already knew Al Qaeda was coming on strong there. But we relied on locals for support and now we know the locals betrayed us as they have in the past in Afghanistan and Iraq too.

But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney.

Night before last, the President condemned Mitt Romney in harsher tones than he condemned the rioters. It took him until sun up yesterday to condemn them.

But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney.

Yesterday, the media spent much time condemning the Coptic Christians for their movie, but we now know the movie had been out for months and we also know the riots were orchestrated in advance. We also know the attack on the American consulate in Libya used the riots as cover for the attack.

But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney. – …….. <<<<<<< –

Fox News Extensive Report On The Benghazi Cover-Up By The Obama Administration –

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Please note for future voting consideration reference:


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20 thoughts on “Benghazi American murders and media’s shameless propaganda onus card

  1. BREE says:

    I probably should not comment just yet on this but I wondered if anyone had read anything about Jimmy Carter’s grandson having something to do with that video. This whole thing is so bizzar mainly because we have a totally inept president bent on our destruction and ready to do anything to get elected. American lives are being lost and countries are exploding with Islam as it comes knocking on our doors.

    I seriously pray for Romney and no, he was not my choice but I am well over that now and suggest voters do the same. I supported Tea Party people and my candidate was Michele Bachmann, then Rick Perry. Do not blast me on that or I will be tempted to blast you also. But I love Rick Perry, his family and the honorable man that he is. Rick Santorum is a good man also. However, here we are with Romney and I’m giving him all the support I can find. Paul Ryan is excellent too. I cannot wait to vote for them. Just pray we get there! We have got to rid of Obama!

    1. BREE –

      Thank you again for your excellent comment. Thank you for visiting

      Romney wasn’t either my first choice; but, he is the one that needs to be voted for to rid our country of this deadly Obama cancer.

  2. Is THIS WHY Muslim-Extremist Libyan Rebels SODOMIZED U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens – BECAUSE they KNEW he was a homosexual (like Obama) ??? zzz zzz

    1. Dan –

      Thank you for reading – and thank you for your comment. I edited out the frivolous use of God’s Name. If you would like to have me delete your edited comment; or, if you would like to submit another one; please let me know.

      As to your comment; I’m asking myself: “What is your point?” Please state your case and substantiate. But, be that as it may; I only included this link as it included more information. This WND link was not the subject of my posting.

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