Obama’s Arab Spring swiftly disintegrates into Islamic terrorist Fall

Sadly and pathetically it appears as if Obama’s Libyan chickens came home to roost

It was okay when Arabs (principally Muslims) were overthrowing long time Egyptian and Libyan dictatorship regimes. It was okay with Obama who encouraged it, throwing US longtime ally, Mubarak, under his politically expedient bus. But, now the rabid Islamic anger turns upon the US. And, what does Obama do? He flies out West for a campaign fundraising event, while US embassies throughout the East are set on fire. Obama does his favorite thing; campaign, fundraise and shoot off his lying and deceptive mouth.



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Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel


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12 thoughts on “Obama’s Arab Spring swiftly disintegrates into Islamic terrorist Fall

  1. BREE says:

    Sorry but I’m having a lot of trouble leaving a comment here. I’ll try again later.

    1. BREE –

      I don’t know why you are apparently having difficulty. I received this notice; but, am aware of no other comments you may have registered on this posting.

  2. BREE says:

    Ok, let me see if this goes…. In response to these recent events, I am still shocked and angered by this do nothing, clueless president we have! It is unbelievable and disgraceful that we have nothing but a “clueless wonder and an empty chair” sitting in Washington while the world is burning and attacking the U.S.

    A Middle East Expert has said that the Administration needs to explain to the American public that the war with Jihadists is on and that the whole world is a battlefield as a result. They will not withdraw even if we do.

    Obama has never learned one thing about foreign policy and America will now pay a high price for that. Even a soldier knows that we do not deal with our enemies except from a position of strength. Obama is a coward and a rock star not the Leader of the free world which very soon will no longer be free. This isn’t going to go away and America will be down for the count. We need to be rid Obama now or it’s over and America is gone. Just so angry!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Although I can agree with it, in principle; I have to take exception with the one part where you say:

      “It is unbelievable and disgraceful that we have nothing but a ‘clueless wonder and an empty chair’ sitting in Washington while the world is burning and attacking the U.S.” [Your words]

      From my own perspective, I don’t believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a “clueless wonder.” His whole background and from what is now known about him, illustrate that he knows what he is doing and allowing to be done to America. Because he is, (basically) an anti-patriotic American (and, there is much to evidence that), I believe that he welcomes this destructive Eastern Muslim terrorist chaos.

      Anything that can diminish America’s authority, status, strength, influence and power throughout the world is perfectly well and good in Obama’s Marxist and socialist bent [thinking] mind. Which brings me to the point of agreement to your conclusion. “Now,” sooner than later, Obama needs to be gone from America’s Commander-in-Chief position. He should have been gone a long ago because he does not meet the “natural born citizen” requirements for the job as legitimate US president! But, because we have complicit political “leaders” and a compromised judicial system, Obama continues in his illegitimate capacity.

      The founding fathers of our country initiated this special requirement of having to be a “natural born citizen” because they did not want the position of the presidency diminished and weakened by a person with foreign allegiances. Isn’t it ironic now, that since that requirement has been breached that we can readily witness what their concerns and fears were? Obama is nothing but a disgrace to this nation. Most all that he does is to weaken and destroy it. That damaging process is reflected in his actions, policies and agenda. I’ll leave you and our http://www.moralmatters.org readers with the following link that help illustrate Obama’s contempt for our USA:

      Sample of Hate Crimes by Obama Against America

  3. BREE says:

    Ha ha, You think he’s brilliant and knows what he’s doing and I think he’s a clueless wonder! Notice though, how we both came to the same conclusions – he’s destroying the country and he’s a total disgrace. Unfortunately no matter what we think of him the evidence speaks for itself and America is in such great trouble. We really need God and we need to pray for mercy more than ever.

    I come from a long line of military men in my family. I was a military wife for twenty five years. My husband was a career officer and gave his all for this country. My only son died in Iraq. I have lost everything and now I fight on alone because I still believe in America. I pray God will save us from complete destruction and as Reagan said, “We will be one nation under God or one nation gone under.” May God help us all.

    1. BREE –

      Thank you again for your participating comment. I’m happy that we both came to the same conclusion. I still think that Obama intends to do what he can to weaken America. I think it is a malevolent conscious thing on his part.

      Thank you and your family for making this country the greatest country on earth! I had no idea what was behind some of your http://www.moralmatters.org passionate comments! I can’t imagine having lost an only son in war, as you have lost your son in Iraq. You have my highest admiration. Also, I am thankful for not only you and your son; but also your husband for his service to our nation. Did he come out alive; or, is he suffering some disabling effects of having served so long? I hope that I am not being too forward here. I will not expect you to answer. Thank you again!

      1. BREE says:

        I do appreciate your kindness so much. My husband and son both served in the USAF and my father also was an Air Force pilot. Husband has passed away six years ago after working at Command Bases with War Plans. My son was a Medic in Iraq. He was just twenty two years old. I do volunteer work with the paralized Vets and am active in the military community here. I always said, I don’t know how to do much else than be a military wife and mother.

        1. BREE –

          Would that there be a whole lot more like you in this country of ours!

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