Obama’s foreign policy farce: Gutless and anti-patriotic

Obama hypocritically claims to be a Christian. No genuine Christian would visit a Muslim mosque like this. Do you now see the connection of Obama being anti-American patriotic and him apologetic towards Muslim terrorist nations? Why didn’t his in-the-pocket media report on his Muslim roots in Indonesia?

It is no secret, as it is common knowledge that shortly after Obama took the White House office, as Commander-in-Chief, he began an apology tour for America’s greatness. There was (at the time) no shortage of news illustrating that Obama was bowing to foreign leaders.

On the heels of the US besieged Benghazi, Libya Consulate and the Cairo, Egyptian embassy on the commemoration of 9/11; Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi and 3 Americans were brutally murdered; and, in the process of it all, there is no definitive US Commander-in-Chief response.
What has taken place has been a continued weak-kneed foreign policy of political correctness to Muslims who have no other goal than to foist and force their Islamic ideology upon the whole world.

Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, on the other hand has come out with definitive remarks, deploring this embassy violence and murder against America’s sovereignty. And, he is thereby being held suspect and citied by the liberal mainstream media, who has always excused and covered for the non natural born citizen Barack Hussein Obama.

Can you begin to understand and witness why the framing and founding fathers of our country stipulated that for Commander-in-Chief; that person be a natural born citizen free from foreign influences and allegiances? No wonder the same Obama media did not vet this White House occupier. If they would have done their job properly, practicing genuine journalism, they would have discovered Obama’s Muslim roots. Consequently, it is no small wonder why Obama is so short of patriotic zeal for this United States of America.

Could history be repeating itself? Remember the Democrat Jimmy Carter Administration with the Iranian hostages? That foreign policy embarrassment, no doubt played a huge part in American voters choosing a leader. What they saw and envisioned in Ronald Reagan was a man who would stand for American patriotic principles. What America is witnessing with Obama,  is a leaderless mouse who allows America to be molested by Muslim terrorists. Just ask yourself:

“Where was the beefed up security around the world on the anniversary of 9/11? Where was Obama, that day? Was he campaigning, slipping in another round of golf; or, just being foreign policy delinquent?”

What is Obama’s hallmark foreign policy, as Commander-in-Chief? It’s apology. Apologize for America. Obama’s foreign policy is to exercise political correctness towards America’s sworn enemies. Is it not reasonable to expect more out of this Muslim apologist? Why all the apologies during his last [near] 4 years of occupying the US White House? For someone who brags about the [supposed] raid that killed Bin Laden and for taking credit for it; why the soft shell approach to this attack upon the United States on the 11th anniversary of 9/11?

This was an attack upon the United States. Although it happened on foreign soil does not make it any less of an attack upon America. It was an act of war. The American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya belongs to the United States of America. Now, it has been attacked and burned and 4 Americans are brutally murdered by Muslims. [The embassy in Cairo, Egypt was also under assault]

American voters need to wake up and smell Obama’s putrid Muslim coffee. They need to vote him out of office!

So, what does Obama do? As usual, making a patriotic decision is above his pay grade. He again shows that he has no foreign policy but a timid response to America’s sworn enemies. And, there was no action on his part to swiftly send and deploy a military response team of specialized commandos to the scene of such Muslim murderous violence upon America.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney, on the other hand, makes a definitive statement defending the United States of America – without any apologies. As a consequence, Romney is now being criticized by Obama’s milquetoast media.

This whole turn of events in the Middle East is just more evidence that America needs to replace the White House occupying coward with a genuine leader, such as the person of Mitt Romney.

In summary, Obama’s foreign policy directives more mirror a two bit worthless community agitating scoundrel making his rounds on the violent streets of Chicago. Americans deserve a whole lot better than what Obama has pathetically cultivated during his Jimmy Carter like occupation our American White House. He continues to be lax on the job; destructive to American interests, abroad; and not bringing patriotic honor to the office of the US presidency.


Obama’s Weakness Leads to Acts of War Against U.S. – thenationalpatriot.com/

>>>>>> America Needs Leadership… Not Stewardship, and an Intervention From Our Politically Correct Stupor Regarding Islam – janmorganmedia.com/2012/09/ – …….What is even more disturbing is watching our elected leaders describe the attackers as extremists thugs. WRONG.

The people who committed these acts are not radical extremists. They are devout muslims following the 100 plus dictates in their quran of hate, murder, and terror against all people who refuse to submit or convert to Islam.

Why call these people extremists. Lets call it what it is. Devout Islam. Muslims have murdered 270 million people in the 14 hundred year history of Islam. Muslims have committed over 19 thousand deadly terror attacks SINCE 9/11. Islam has blazed a bloody trail through history and it will continue until people wake from their politically correct stupor and face this hard truth: ISLAM CAN NOT AND WILL NOT EVER PEACEFULLY CO-EXIST WITH ANY OTHER RELIGION OR NATION GOVERNED BY ANY LAW OTHER THAN SHARIA……. <<<<<< janmorganmedia.com/2012/09/ – 

American Embassies Attacked, Obama Team Apologizes… to the Attackers! – gopusa.com/

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Nathan M. Bickel




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14 thoughts on “Obama’s foreign policy farce: Gutless and anti-patriotic

  1. nightwalkery says:

    Any sane person would be respectful of other religions and cultures. If you were visiting a mosque as a tourist (yes, people do that. Go to an Arab country and there are famous, beautiful mosques that tourists go inside to visit and see the architecture and art on its walls), and everyone around you was taking their shoes off before going inside, you probably would too, to follow/blend in with the crowd. In fact, the people at the mosque would probably not even let you in if you refused to take your shoes off, as it is extremely rude and disrespectful to walk into a mosque with your shoes on.

    He was only trying to respect their religion and THEIR sacred place. In fact, if he was to go to a Buddhist temple, he would’ve done the same, as people take their shoes off before going into temples as well. I’m a Christian by the way, and I have visited mosques and temples. Obama is not muslim just because he took of his shoes before going inside a temple. You would too if you were in his position. Maybe you’re wondering why he was going inside a mosque in the first place? Maybe because he was trying to show that he is an understanding person who accepts all people.

    1. nightwalkery –

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your comment.

      You make the statement: “….Obama is not muslim just because he took of his shoes before going inside a temple….” [Your words]

      What I contend, (if you read the totality of my commentary with all its links), is that Obama hypocritically claims to be a Christian; when, he is not. I’ll offer you two informational links to help substansiate my assertion (here):

      Obama Not Christian – No More Than the Man in the Moon

      Obama proves, again, he is not a Christian

      There were many Christians last time that voted for Obama. This time around; there is no excuse. Obama shows by the “fruit” of his words and actions that He does not match Christ’s timeless words.

  2. nightwalkery says:

    Also, you said “the people who committed these acts are not radical extremists. They are devout muslims…” and “Why call these people extremists. Lets call it what it is. Devout Islam”

    Please open your eyes. See the world. Meet some muslims. Go to a country where the majority of people are muslim. There are many types of muslims. There exist muslims (in fact, the majority of them are like this) who are truly devout (who pray 5 times a day, read the Qu’ran everyday, recite passages from the Qu’ran, attend mosques regularly) who are not extremists and are peaceful people who just want to praise and worship God like christians do, but just with different traditions.

    A very tiny minority of muslims are extremists, who devote their life to violence and killing, like Al Qaida. There are more than 1.1 billion muslims in this world and about 2.6 million muslims in the US.* If all muslims were extremists/terrorists, why aren’t there constant terrorist attacks in the US? The US would be bombed out/dead by now if all of these muslims in the US were “extremists”.

    Please respect other religions and stop being ignorant.


    1. nightwalkery –

      Thank you again for reading http://www.moralmatters.org – also, for your comment.

      First of all, in your opening paragraph block, you are not quoting me. You are quoting a portion of a commentary I posted, following my commentary. You will have to take your beef, up, with Jan Morgan:

      America Needs Leadership… Not Stewardship, and an Intervention From Our Politically Correct Stupor Regarding Islam

      Secondly, you go on to say that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists, like the very small minority, like, Al Qaida.

      Have you ever wondered why Western people (principally) Christians, lump all Muslims together? If you would say that only 5% of the total Muslim population were terrorists; that would be an overwhelming number, into the millions. I think what Jan Morgan was referring to; was that even “devout” Muslims are driven by their holy book to become radical. Consequently, I have no doubt that, based upon this assertion, Mohammed Atta, who flew one of the planes into the one 9/11 tower, was a very devout Muslim. He believed and acted on the Qu’ran teachings, and took them to their literal conclusion.

      Finally, another reason why I believe non Muslims don’t trust Muslims, is that they are becoming more aware of one of the Muslim teachings about how it is justified to outright lie, and Muslims who practice this deception, are, justified in doing so, according to their interpretation of their “holy” Koran. [Ever wonder why Obama spews forth so many lies? Ever wonder how many of his actions never do match what he says?]

      Muslims can lie for Allah

      Finally, you make the following uncharitable statement:

      “Please respect other religions and stop being ignorant.” [Your words]

      Who said that I did not respect a person’s free will [free moral agency] to believe whatever they would desire? But, since you made that left field comment; I will leave you with another informational link. It seems that you are referring to Islam as a religion. But, mind you – others don’t see it that way:

      “What Islam Isn’t” — by Dr. Peter Hammond – “Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system. Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all the other components. Islamization occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called ‘religious rights.’……


  3. nightwalkery says:

    I apologize for the name calling.

    1. nightwalkery –

      Apology accepted. I appreciate your enthusiasm. I hope that my responses helped to clarify some things with you; as I wouldn’t want you to consider me an extremist.

  4. BREE says:

    I am not sure I can add anything to this already conclusive conversation concerning Islam and Muslims except to say that I concur with Nathan Bickel and certainly appreciate the valid information from Dr. Peter Hammond as to the defining of Islam.

    I have lived in Muslim countries and done missionary work in several Islamic countries. From experience I can tell you that Americans biggest folly is to underestimate the power and influence Islam has on the culture; and it is indeed a system that rules or dominates a people. American Christians in particular are very naive in assuming that it is simply a difference of religion. The scope of Islam is deliberate and dangerous. With our Western ideology we cannot begin to grasp it nor the evil that is perpetrated because of it. Christians need to study and be informed as to the dangerous impact of such a force that has ruled many parts of the world as an ancient religion.

    All Muslims follow the teachings of Allah, false god and supreme ruler of the Universe. It is the fallacy of Christians to believe we worship the same God. We do not because we cannot. And there is never a mixture of Islam and Christianity as some choose to believe. That is a spirit of error. Our God has given us the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit) who will lead and guide us into all truth. Islam is the great deception.

    1. BREE –

      As usual, thank you for your participating comment! You can speak with not only knowledge on this subject; but, with much experience.

      What is so scarey, is that Muslims all look to this false god, Allah, and suscribe to the same book, the Koran [Qu’ran]. If I am not mistaken; one cannot find the word, “love” in it. That, is just more reason to believe that their [supposed] “holy” book is not “inspired” as Christians accept the Scriptures to be. The Triune God reveals in His divine [God breathed] written revelation, the Bible, that “God is love.” And, that it is not His will that any soul be damned. But, at the same time, the Bible tells us that He has given to His human creation the gift of free will [free moral agency]. It is a shame (to say the least), that some of God’s Muslim creation choose to utilize their free moral agency to torture, murder and destroy.

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