Chicago union teachers: Ungrateful and Unrealistic


Is this why teachers need unions; as a buffer dike for their sub-standard results?

Chicago teachers strike for first time in 25 years after contract talks fail – Thousands of teachers walked off the job Monday in Chicago, the third-largest U.S. school district, as city officials prepared to look after thousands of students who could end up wandering unsafe streets….. <<<<< – mini commentary:

It is reported that Chicago union teachers on an average make $76,000 annually, plus their benefits; while their taxpaying working counterparts average $48,000. These working counterparts are the ones taxed for the public school industry. They are the lower paid workers who fund these ungrateful and unrealistic striking teachers.

Why would characterize these union Chicago teachers as being ungrateful and unrealistic?

First of all, I believe there is the great shadow of ungrateful attitude and behavior on the part of the union teachers. They were offered a 16% pay hike averaged out, over the next 4 years. That is much, much more than what their employed counterparts will be acquiring in this poor national economy. That should tell the average news reader and network viewer, something. There is an average of about $28,000 difference. How can union teachers expect a disproportionate salary sum with those taxpayers who are basically funding their livelihoods and future retirements? Unrealistic by any measure; considering that these teachers are basically public (non private) “servants.”

The Christian ethic would have those who are gainfully employed, be grateful for being able to work; and thankful for the financial remuneration of that employment work. There are any number of Scriptures which speak to human covetousness and greed; which result in only trouble for those so dissatisfied with their situation and circumstance in life. If one would step back and listen to some of these teachers; I would not doubt that some of them would say that they deserve up to almost twice as what they are being paid. Somehow they think that because they are college graduates working in the public sector of the economy, that they should be paid so much more!

Secondly, many union teachers conveniently overlook the extra benefits of their profession. Now, I’m not referring to wages, health or retirement benefits. I’m referring to the convenience of such a teaching profession. I ask:  Which profession awards the worker a huge 8-10 week’s summer vacation, each and every year? Which employment profession has work time off during all the major holidays, including “spring break?” Which type of employment has only one shift – daytime hours with every weekend off to spend with family, relatives and friends – or, even a part-time weekend job?  Are not these wonderful extra benefits of the teaching profession, that are taken for granted by union public school teachers?

Frankly, I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for these Chicago union teachers; especially when I read the statistics of low test scores; under achieving reading levels and abysmal graduation rates.

Finally, what are these angry teachers essentially conveying [teaching] to the youth of whom they [supposedly] teach? These teachers and their union affiliations actually teach by model; and, in a poor model manner, that if you don’t get your way, you revolt. And, for those students who come from broken homes; that’s all the model they [don’t] need to witness to further reinforce (already instilled) behaviors of restlessness, dissatisfaction and rebellion to parents, authority, society and the culture.

Note:  This web author does not begrudge union employment. I was once, union employed. It was not my choice preferred choice. Union work is forced and so are the extraction of union dues from employee paychecks. This author takes great exception to union organizations and union bosses. Their actions of forced union membership and forced union dues, are contrary to our nation’s traditional free enterprise (capitalistic) system.


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