Last Week’s Most Popular Postings – 9/2/12 – 9/8/12

Most Popular Postings Last Week Starting With Number One – 9/2/12 – 9/8/12

1 – Democratic Party time: Liberal celebration of immoral diversity –

2 – Democratic National Convention: Michelle Obama America’s Fat Czar in your face –

3 – Democratic National Convention nominates serial liar, sex offender and extortion expert –

4 – Labor Day: A front for Marxist ideology –

Also – Last Week’s Most Popular Postings –

5 – Democratic National Convention: Beware of liberals who claim to be the rank-in-file normal –

6 – DNC Summary: Obama’s Failure Upgraded to Incomplete –

7 – Michelle Obama: America’s self appointed Fat Czar at it again –


Please note for future voting consideration reference:

Election Projection – The Battle for Capitol Hill – 2012 Senate –

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors –

U.S. Constitution Online –


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Nathan M. Bickel


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4 thoughts on “Last Week’s Most Popular Postings – 9/2/12 – 9/8/12

  1. BREE says:

    Pastor Bickel, I don’t know why but I just have never taken the time to review your site and find out who you are. You are a Pastor and a Lutheran? Please excuse me as it came as such a surprise! I was just thinking about how much we seem to think alike about the issues so far and how much I felt drawn to this site but only now finding I am talking to the clergy which is great but you know how we get an image in our minds and I thought you were a Mid West farmer that I could relate to so easily. Well now I will need to change that image.

    I have been to your other site and just like it also very much. You really do speak the truth and speak for me though I am not a Luthern at all. I am a Messianic Christian!

    1. Bee –

      Thank you for your comment. Please view me more like a Mid – Western farmer than clergy! You paid me a compliment when you said, that, that was your first impression. I say this, because my ancestry and many in my (relative) family still are farmers. That’s my background. And, because of such; I think it to be an advantage as I attempt to be plain spoken. I have little use attempting to display some theological language that I could use from my seminary days. That is why, if you go to my site you won’t run into all that church language. I don’t care to use it in the first place because the site is visited, globally; and, because I attempt to convey Scriptural reality in plain language terms. [Sometimes I think that pastors use their theological language only to impress themselves and their own clergy crowd]

      As to being “Lutheran,” – I don’t care to think of myself as Lutheran, even though that has been much of my background. I only like to think of myself, as Christian, even though I’m still a “Lutheran” church member. [I don’t know how long; as I witness some disturbing trends of unscriptural teaching and preaching]

      Finally, please correct me if I am mistaken; but, my understanding of a “Messianic Jew,” is that, that person is a Jew who believes and accepts Jesus Christ as the sent One by God and that there is no other messiah “waiting in the wings.” Hence, then, you not only subscribe and trumpet the Hebrew Old Testament Scriptures, but also fully accept the New Testament Christian Scriptures as God’s divinely written revelation.

  2. BREE says:

    I really appreciate you saying this and I am very thankful that you have made those choices to speak plainly which makes you very easy to understand and inviting just as Jesus did. I just do not do well with religious piety or the types of spiritual pride you mentioned. I have studied much Bible and Church history but do not have those degrees in theology.

    You are correct in your statements concerning Messianic Jews. I am however, not a Messanic Jew but Messianic Christian. That is, I am first of all Christian believing in my Jewish roots. I believe every word of the Bible, Old and New Testaments and the Hebrew scriptures as well. I believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and King but also that He is the only Son of God, Savior, Redeemer and Lord. God is the God of Israel and the God of my salvation. There is no other God and there is no other Messiah. These are my core beliefs and I have been a Believer for 50 years as from a child.

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