DNC Summary: Obama’s Failure Upgraded to Incomplete

Liberals love their own lies. That’s much of what makes them liberals. They admire Obama. He’s a masterful liar.

The 2012 Democratic National Convention was a showcase farce of failure no matter how Democrat politicians attempted to smokescreen and window dress the Constitutional and economic devastation Obama has brought upon America these last 4 years. Lies were rampant at this liberal gathering; especially those of Obama in his lackluster acceptance speech. But, is that any surprise as libs cannot breathe without fomenting their putrid deceptions?

If ever there was a national political US party convention which was so dominated by BS spin; it was this one. The best that Democrats had to trot out on their angry at God and Israel platform stage, were the sorry likes of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, double digit inflation past (failure) president Jimmy Carter; and, of course their gaffe guru, VP Joe Biden. All in all, it was a lackluster convention. The political party as a whole, finally landed to bare earth after almost 4 years of their alien “hope and dreams” dismal failure of a [putative] president.

Evaluation of Obama’s 1 term [putative] presidency:  Not failure; but incomplete

In summary the best that Obama could answer his disappointed, frustrated and weary eyed (still hopeful) disciples, was that he was not yet finished destroying America. He had not failed them; he just needed 4 more years to complete the job.

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3 thoughts on “DNC Summary: Obama’s Failure Upgraded to Incomplete

  1. BREE says:

    I for one, am glad it’s over! What a contrast these two conventions were, the RNC and the DNC. I did watch all of the Republican Convention (I think) but it was very different for me to watch the Democrats Liars Convention. I literally had to take breaks and some I didn’t watch at all. I did see Joe Biden and Obama all the way through. Missed Jimmy Carter on purpose. I love Israel and I cannot look at what that man (Carter) has done in the Middle East so that was a given for me. It was like a conference from hell overall. Actors on a stage with made up lines and so many lies I stopped counting.

    Four more years of what pray tell? He doesn’t want to go backwards, just forward right over the cliff. He looked tired and unconvincing at best but Biden tried to make up for it. Several times Biden tried to jump start it with the same subject. More than once his war cry seemed to be Osama is dead and GM is alive! I was scared to death at one point he would scream Obama is dead and GM is alive! It would be funny if not so pathetic. Well, I don’t know about you but Team Obama won’t get too much of a bump out of that one and now it’s off to the races. Go Romney and Ryan!

    1. BREE –

      I think that I like your summation more than mine! Very good! Yes! I agree; it would have been hilarious for the gaffe guru to mispeak and say “Obama” instead of “Osama.” I think that at that point, even that lib crowd would have roared with laughter!

      As with you, I’m happy that this sordid ordeal is over! How many lies, distortions and outright B.S. can the American people take? At least some undecided voters had a real good chance to witness these bafoons for who they really are! And, so consequently, that’s all they needed to make up their minds ahead of time.

      Thanks again for your regular visiting “attendance” here at http://www.moralmatters.org – And, excellent comment!

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