Democratic National Convention nominates serial liar, sex offender and extortion expert

One of Obama’s biggest lies: He claims to be a Christian. See link below: “Obama Not Christian – No More Than the Man in the Moon”

Democrats nominate a serial liar, sex offender and extortion expert

Somehow in American politics there is a fascination with politicians and their obvious and blatant lies. Nowhere in society is there given the tolerance to accept deception than in the political arena. Voters almost expect their politicians to parse their supposed political achievements and stretch the truth about their practical realities. Those who watched and listened to former president Clinton’s speech (whether they realized it or not), witnessed this taking place. Wednesday night, Bill Clinton – aka, “Slick Willie,” set the stage for our nation’s chief White House occupier’s, snake charming speech when Obama accepted an ill-gotten Democrat nomination for president of the United States.

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It is common knowledge that Barack Hussein Obama is a big time liar.  His whole White House occupation has been built upon a deceptive house of cards. Obama’s black Kenyan (British citizen) father was not a US citizen when Barack Obama Jr. was born to him and his white US born mother. And, for the most part, this reality has been lost to American media who have ignored Obama’s non natural born citizen status, a basic requirement for the high office of US president. Also, ignored by media, is the reality of Obama being the first Mulatto [putative] president. Famous actor, Morgan Freeman recently pointed to this reality.

Furthermore the Obama White House occupancy has been a political administration shrouded in secrecy. Democrats and kowtowing hypocritical media unreasonably demand GOP candidate Mitt Romney to supply years of tax record returns; but will not demand their Obama to cough up his college records, transcripts and other Obama sealed records’ material.

It might also be noted that this whole Democratic National Convention is a gathering designed to smoke screen to the American voting public Obama’s four years of White House failures. They claim that 4.5 million jobs were “created,” when only about 300,000 jobs were actually added to the economy. And, they won’t talk about the woeful statistic of 23 million Americans unemployed.

Understand why Obama is America’s chief sex offender. See message below: “The President of the United States: A Sex Offender? – Why Obama’s support of the abortion industry is the worst molestation of youth”

Secondly, is must honestly be noted (and sadly so), that the Democratic party of former president Clinton is a political party of amoral and immoral proportions. All one has to do is to compare the GOP party platform to that of the Democrat party platform.  See:

Democrat Platform Doesn’t Exclude Infanticide –

Also, more significantly, liberal Democrats don’t care if their selection for office of US president is a man [monster rather] who, by his policies, actions, political record and present agenda involves himself in the process of crimes against humanity. I will not make this mini commentary long by expounding. Therefore, I leave you with some significant links to substantiate and evidence these “crimes against humanity assertion” that I have just made:

Thirdly, the Democratic National Convention has nominated an extortion expert.  See:  Political Extortion –

Political extortion is the subtle means in which local, county, state and federal governments perform “legalized” thievery of rank-in-file Americans. This extortion can take place by government policies and actions which “redistribute” wealth. Example: The poorly run Freddie Mae & Fannie Mack government lending institutions which led to American homeowners losing significant equity value in their homes

At no other time in US history has there been so much scandal that has gone on without proper media scrutiny and the political will to actively stop unabated extortion of the public. Even the highlighted Solyndra scandal did not stop the continued waste of US taxpayer dollars with [so-called] ineffective “green energy” technology and other similar type Solyndra scandals.

Another perpetrated extortion upon American taxpayers was the stimulus bail-out of certain privileged banks and financial institutions. Also, there was the taxpayer bail-out of General Motors which was politically preferred rather than allowing this huge private business to declare bankruptcy and [then] restructure. Other government (taxpayer monies), were redistributed to unions and to the union public school industry. The Obama (so-called) “shovel ready jobs” to renovate America’s aging infrastructure never really got off the ground. More money was called for with hopes of a new government taxpayer funded redistribution hand-out to union and banking entities.

One Obama administration scandal that was not a stimulus failure was the “Fast and Furious” scandal which found Obama’s corrupt Attorney General on the House Investigative hot seat. That finally fizzled out as the Democrats control the Senate with obstructionist Senate majority leader, Harry Reid at the corrupted helm.

I’m sure there could be listed much, much more to highlight and substantiate the 3 point title above. But, this web author is not for lengthy Internet articles. Most people who are average intelligence and somewhat computer knowledgeable can do their own homework and add to all the aforementioned evidence to support this article’s thesis. At any rate; all this has taken place under Barack Hussein Obama’s White House watch. He can’t blame George W. Bush for his multitude of moral, ethical and financial blunders and failures.

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Nathan M. Bickel

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28 thoughts on “Democratic National Convention nominates serial liar, sex offender and extortion expert

  1. KC says:

    Is this site written by morons or can any idiot write a column here?

    1. KC –

      Thank you for visiting

      In answer to your question: “Is this site written by morons or can any idiot write a column here?” [Your words]

      KC – The only reason why I published your comment is that it helps to highlight not only the defunct thinking of libs; but it also helps to showcase their old line of ridicule [type] argumentation. The name of the game with liberals, is to debuke anything that is disagreeable to them; or, anything they do not understand. It is easier for them to froth forth with their one liner insults (which are really moronic in themselves); rather than debate and discuss the issues.

      However, having stated the above; I have to admit; there is hope for you. Perhaps, someday, you can graduate from your pre-school thinking and learn to (truly) listen to other points of view that can have the effect of helping to lift you out of your puerile state. At least, you’ve hit upon a website that can challenge you to go back to school; finish preschool where you left off; and then begin first grade.

  2. Bob Waters says:

    All that is required to be born an American citizen is that one be born on American soil- which Obama certainly was. And even if he had not been, his mother’s citizenship alone would have been sufficient to make him a citizen. I don’t know where so many people get the idea that both parents must be citizens, but it simply isn’t true.

    1. Bob Waters –

      Thank you for visiting and thank you for your comment.

      Regarding your comment; there is a US Constitutional stipulation that those who take the office of US President and Vice President – those persons must be “natural born citizens.” There is a huge difference between being a “natural born citizen” and a citizen.

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