Democratic National Convention: Beware of liberals who claim to be the rank-in-file normal

What Michelle Obama really wanted to say at the DNC Convention last night. If liberals desire to be elected, they can never really tell what they think. Liberals are most generally, full of lies. It’s the essence of liberalism. Liberals can’t afford to tell the truth; else they would cease to be liberals. 

The Democratic National Convention is well underway. As usual when the Democrats are in the national spotlight, they try to put their “best” foot forward, attempting to be normal everyday working Americans. But, those of us who know better, realize that these liberals have their liberal agenda. That agenda is to transform America (away) from its traditional and religious roots. They can’t help themselves, as they are guided by their political correctness and multicultural goals.

Here are but just a few quotes from a couple of speakers at Tuesday’s evening Democratic National Convention:

First Lady says husband ‘a man we can trust’ –

Michelle Obama’s speech excerpt:

…..”He reminds me that we are playing a long game here … and that change is hard, and change is slow and it never happens all at once,” she told a nation impatient with slow economic progress and persistently high unemployment of 8.3 percent…… translation:  Michelle Obama makes excuses for her White House occupier husband.

Michelle Obama’s speech excerpt:

 ……..”Believe it or not, when we were first married, our combined monthly student loan bills were actually higher than our mortgage,” she told the convention. “We were so young, so in love and so in debt.”…….

Moralmatters translation: Barack Obama is still running the country like he ran their marriage. He is still in love with debt.

Harry Reid speech excerpt:

 …..Said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, speaking of Romney: “Never in modern American history has a presidential candidate tried so hard to hide himself from the people he hopes to serve.”……..

Moralmatters translation:

Harry Reid must be growing senile; he confuses Romney for Obama. He is doing his best to hide Obama’s past life’s records; especially Obama’s school records, as it is highly likely that Obama attended college as a foreign student;  – and, in that case that reality alone would make Obama an illegal and illegitimate president by US Constitutional standards. As it is now; and pathetically ignored by both political party leaders; Obama is not a natural born citizen, one of the main requirements to be legitimate US president.  But reality and facts mean little to the politically correct liberals as they desire to celebrate their usurping multicultural diversity no matter how offensive it is to this Constitutional Republic and to the American public.

Finally, no matter how liberals intend to convince you otherwise; they are not normal people. Normal people are guided and influenced by their consciences and / or by their moral and ethical religious convictions. Liberals, on the other hand have replaced principled convictions based upon sound religious principles with their own set of secular standards. Those standards are their ever changing cultural gods of political correctness and multiculturalism.

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Nathan M. Bickel


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9 thoughts on “Democratic National Convention: Beware of liberals who claim to be the rank-in-file normal

  1. ehancock says:

    Since the meaning of Natural Born Citizen comes from the common law and refers to the place of birth, and since Obama was born in Hawaii—as his birth certificate, and the confirmation of the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii, and the Index Data file and the birth notices sent to the newspapers of Hawaii in 1961 by the DOH all show—-Obama is a Natural Born US Citizen.

    1. ehancock –

      Thank you for illustrating a typical liberal response. Your comment smacks lib deception and half truths [lies].

      The US Constitution’s “natural born citizen” also includes not only place of birth but the citizen parentage status of the person’s parents. Obama’s father was a Kenyan born British citizen, thus eliminating Obama from being legitimate US president according to Constitutional standards. [See substantiating links below]

      Secondly, there was no legitimate “confirmation” by Hawaii “officials.” And, you also mention about the newspaper birth announcements; – all this has been explained, disproven and debunked by the recent Arizona Sheriff Arpaio’s 9 month investigation:

      Nixon’s Watergate Child’s Play Compared To Obama’s Corruption Scandals

      Bottom Line – Obama Not Legitimate President

      Natural Born Citizen – A Place to Ask Questions and Get the Right Answers – A blog to discuss the U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 1, “natural born Citizen” presidential eligibility clause.

      Finally, thank you for visiting Please continue to visit and read. It is my hope and prayer that as you have at it, doing so; some of your liberal bent might erode and wash away, thus helping you to understand some certain realities……….

      1. BREE says:

        Yes, I agree Nathan. Every “birth certificate” that Obama has produced has been proven to be an electronically fraudulent document.

        1. BREE –

          Yes. I agree! Thank you for specifically bringing up about the forged documents! That reality is easily and conveniently “overlooked” by the many goose stepping Obama Kool-Aid drinkers and their kowtowing media buddies!

          Sheriff Arpaio’s conclusive investigation shows all this about the certificate forgeries. But, sadly and pathetically, gutless US politicians and judges do nothing as they allow this Obama scandal charade to continue!

  2. BREE says:

    I’m not sure how much more I can watch of this (DNC) with so much of the Liberal Left’s hypocrisy and blatant lies parading on center stage. They are little more than script actors living in a make believe world.

    I had really had it though when they brought out the Nun, from the Nuns on the Bus tour (whoever heard of that?) and that Catholic Sister painted Obama as the Suffering Servant and Savior of all. (another sad attempt to portray Obama as Jesus) and she nearly brought the house down with her message of “we (democrats) do everything together, help all of our brothers and we are our brother’s keeper (quoting Obama).”

    Now mind you this is a Catholic Nun and as such she is seems to have broken the rules of the Catholic Church that have to do with abortion and the right to life. Does she not know her useless tirades exalt a murderer of babies and human life? Also insisting that Obama’s welfare is charity in the Biblical sense and that Obamacare is absolutely essential or people will die. This whole platform from a Nun yet, has been reinvented to polish the Democrats political agenda. But I for one am not amused and find it outrageous.

    Let this Liars Convention be over and let Romney and Ryan bring the spotlight of truth and justice to this country again. Please God!

    1. BREE –

      Very informative comment! And, I can appreciate how it must pain you even to watch and listen to all this amoral and immoral Democratic National Convention foolishness! Who would have thought that the Democrat party of abortion genocide would trot out a nun to trumpet part of their godless and murderous platform agenda!

      It is my prayer (and, I’m sure it is yours as well) that the majority of American voters will witness what you witness about this clear voting choice. There is simply no viable, moral and patriotic reason to vote for a candidate whose beliefs, actions and agenda have favored the culture of death rather than life and certain moral truths.

      As always – thank you for visiting and for registering your comment thoughts! Please share this site with your friends and acquaintances as desires to disseminate information based upon reality and good and godly morals!

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