Democratic National Convention: Michelle Obama America’s Fat Czar in your face

Internet pic of our nation’s Fat Czar walking her dog

Not only will the Democrats be trotting out their past failed president, Jimmy Carter to speak; but they will be presenting their First Lady White House occupier.

This Monday evening our nation’s self appointed Fat Czar will be speaking to the convention. Will she have finished eating her cheeseburgers and fries before addressing this august assembly of rabid liberals intent on molesting traditional and patriotic America with their sacramental liberal beliefs of political correctness and multiculturalism principles?

What will Fat Czar Michelle Obama recommend? Will she call for more government interference in the lives of American families, vis-à-vis with their school aged children? Will she advocate for increased government control in the government controlled public school industry and paid for by rank-in-file American taxpayers? Will Michelle Obama invoke national teacher unions to carry out her Fat Czar Recommendations, proposals and platitudes?


Mrs. Obama’s 2nd-Term Agenda: ‘Impact Nature Of Food In Grocery Stores’ –

>>>>>>>> ( – Asked by Parade magazine, “What do you hope to accomplish in your second term?” First Lady Michelle Obama said she wants to “impact the nature of food in grocery stores” with the aim of cutting sugar, fat and salt.

“With ‘Lets Move!,’ our goal is to end the problem of childhood obesity in a generation,” Mrs. Obama said. “And while we’ve seen some very profound cultural shifts, we still have communities that don’t have access to affordable and healthy foods. We still need to find a way to impact the nature of food in grocery stores, in terms of sugar, fat, and salt.”

Will Fat Czar Mrs. Obama ever get food off her mind?

Mrs. Obama also discussed the challenge of “educating families” on healthy lifestyles in a society where “TV is rampant.” …… <<<<<<<< –

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Nathan M. Bickel


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14 thoughts on “Democratic National Convention: Michelle Obama America’s Fat Czar in your face

  1. The size or sex of a person does not indicate their character, beliefs, morals etc so why would you attack somebody on these grounds. In Australia we have a female Prime Minister who is attacked daily by the opposition and her detractors and all their comments are gender based not performance based.. Surely we have evolved from grunting in a cave.

    1. littlepaddocks –

      Thank you for visiting – and thank you for your comment. Did I attack Mrs. Obama’s character? And, if I have, how have I done that? Am I not free to offer my American free speech First Amendment opinion? I’m providing some news with a certain bent. When the First White House Occupier lady puts herself out there in the public; why should she be immune to stark contrasts? My posting was a mini commentary on Michelle Obama’s self-appointed position as “Food / Fat Czar.” Is that term a little more comfortable for you, being that you live in Australia where you don’t have free speech American First Amendment rights?

      Furthermore, I think she should stay out of the food lecture business. Personally, I think that some web readers need to lighten up a bit. If you would like to criticize some and take them to task – how about America’s MSNBC?

      MSNBC: Network of bigotry hate mongering and racism

  2. BREE says:

    Let me tell you something, first, there is not going to be any second term for her. And secondly, there is going to be greater food shortages and higher prices to deal with than ever before. I live in the mid west, the bread basket of America. You should see what the severest drought in history has done to our corn crops. To eat healthy good foods, it will cost an arm and a leg so she better be prepared to serve food in the soup kitchens instead of “reforming” our grocery stores.

    This woman is such a big joke that it isn’t worth writing about really. Try to imagine a country without the Obamas. Just pray we have enough left of America to still plough a field and grow a garden. I am sick to death of anything remotely called a “Czar”. Let us get them out of our White House and the grocery stores!

    1. BREE –

      Excellent observations! Thank you again for visiting Your comments are always welcome here!

      I’ve lived in the Midwest all my life. I’ve lived in rural areas. I’ve worked for farmers. Many of my relatives are farmers. I know of what you are speaking about!

      While reading your comments, I thought to myself: “Has Michelle Obama ever worked with her hands and ever really gotten them dirty, outside of her photo opt White House “garden?”

  3. BREE says:

    Not sure why my comment is in moderation but if there are rules of policy on this site, I would like to know them or I will no longer post. Thank you

    1. BREE –

      I just responded to your last comment and approved it, along with my response. I’ll double check; but I think everything is working fine on my end. That is, unless there was some comment in the past few days that I did not see; or, approved and it got stuck in the facility’s moderating mode.

      Please, don’t let some time lapse discourage your commenting. I appreciate your comments.

  4. BREE says:

    Oh thank you Nathan, I just do not want to do anything wrong and I’m always weary from Patriot Update moderating me when honestly I don’t break any of their policy rules either. So I will try to be more patient and just let me know if I do something wrong to correct it. I like your blog here and it seems more free to speak so I just did not restrain myself. I am a Christian and I do not try to be unruly or anything. I am not much of a political debater but I like to learn as much as possible from those who are. I have also only been blogging a few months so you can see that I am no pro. I can only say I hope to improve.

    1. BREE –

      No matter how long one is at blogging; there is still something to learn.

      I think I know what you mean about that one “Patriot” website; the one in which there are hardly any comments because they have such a high [almost sanctimonious] standard. But, since I’m mentioning the word, “Patriot” I don’t want readers here to think of – which I find to be a very good site and accommodating to those who would like to register their comments.

      Finally, in the future; be patient if there is a long period of time in which your comment may not appear. There are times in which I have other business and it takes me away from a computer for considerable lengths of time.

      And, it is nice to hear of your professed Christian faith. I’m happy that you are interested in the political realm. This country needs more Christians involved in the political process – that is genuine Christians, not CINOS – Christians in name only, such as is Obama:

      Obama Not Christian – No More Than the Man in the Moon

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