Cody Robert Judy: Mitt Romney soft on Obama America and the Constitution

Presidential Democrat Candidate, Cody Robert Judy; not ashamed of our American Constitutional Requirement of “Natural Born Citizen”

Why is Mitt Romney running another soft shell John McCain presidential campaign? Why doesn’t he have the courage to attack Obama’s Achilles heel? Why won’t Romney stand up for the US Constitution? 

Birtherism American Exceptualism – Mitt Romney apologizes for America –


>>>>>>>> ……. If Mitt Romney can not stand against Barack Obama in simply demanding our Constitution be upheld for the office of which he is running outlined by the Constitution, that is taking a stand for American Exceptualism, how would he ever be able to protect America’s national security against enemies foreign?

Cody Robert Judy has taken a stand for America and her Constitution against Barack Obama’s slander at American exceptualism of which Birtherism is so intertwined and is on record with the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama Case no. 12-5276 for the defense of our Constitution. This is the kind of character we need for our President and Cody is running for President in the Democratic Party looking for the nomination of his party in Charlotte, North Carolina ……

…….. Mitt Romney has declined on the Constitution to represent the qualifications of the President. Barack Obama doesn’t like the Constitution because he’s not a natural born citizen as is represented in SCOTUS Judy v. Obama 12-5276 from the Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign …….

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

YouTube: CODE4PRES  <<<<<<<<< –

Cody Robert Judy- U.S. Pres 2012 –


Carnival Barker Birther’s Case Before the Supreme Court –

Obama’s Lies Will Devour Him And Haunt Those Who Supported His Deceptions –

 BO – Illegal “President” –


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Nathan M. Bickel

10 thoughts on “Cody Robert Judy: Mitt Romney soft on Obama America and the Constitution

  1. akathesob says:

    Well the truth is the truth Nathan and I for one have had this same issue on my mind. Great post as always… Karl

    1. Karl –

      I have to admire Cody Judy. He’s been persistent. He’s a viable and legally constituted Democrat candidate for the office of president. And, his legal case (as I understand it) is before the Supreme Court. I wonder what they will do with his case. Ignore it; throw it out; or, actually adjudicate it? We will see. But, I am not holding my breath!

      Again – I thank you for visiting – Your feedback and others are highly appreciated!

      1. akathesob says:

        Hey I simply love your love of our Nation and honest truth…

        1. Karl –

          Thank you. I think that our United States has been especially blessed by the good Lord [Triune God] I hate to witness it go down the tubes in my lifetime. I’m concerned for my children and grandchildren who will have to live in this nation with so many have crazed individuals who didn’t know truth and reality if it was place on a platter in front of them. The culture is beginning to experience big time the rotten seeds that were planted by bad legislative and court decisions; and, all the unintended consequences.

          But, be that as it may – here [following] is a link that you and others who have accessed this posting and comments may like to see. I find it interesting and the media won’t put out any news about it:

          “Birther Headlines – All Obama Eligibility News Blogs In One Place:”


          You may have noticed a distinct lull in news from actual Obama Ballot Challenges since mid-July. Well, the reason is that the ‘challengers’ have mostly exhausted their attempts to remove President Obama from the Democratic Party Primary Ballot.

          On September 4th to the 6th the Democratic Party will hold their convention in North Carolina and officially nominate the President as the Democratic Party candidate. Challengers have been waiting for this, because they cannot challenge his place on the national ballot until he is actually on the national ballot. The conditions have to be ‘ripe’ in order for a challenge to be heard and the window will open the moment President Obama is re-nominated.

          Who will file the first general election challenge to President Obama’s candidacy? ……. <<<<<<<<<

  2. GMiller says:

    Cody seems like a good man and Conservative, for a Democrat. He doesn’t have a prayer against the Progressive NWO machine which took over the Democratic Party a long time ago.

    However, it is useful that he is almost the only Democrat voice pointing out accurately that the Democrat Messiah “Obama” is not even eligible to hold the office of President. If he could use his standing as a Democrat presidential candidate to successfully contest Obama’s right to be on the ballot, he will have done an enormous service for our beloved nation.

    Obama hasn’t submitted a shred of valid legal proof of eligibility for the presidency

    1. Forged birth certificate on

    2. His draft registration is forged:

    3. He has used at least 16 stolen Social Security numbers, including the one he uses to get paid in the White House 042-68-4425:

    4. Even if he was born here, he ‘s not eligible, since his father was a foreigner and never a citizen. Learn something about Presidential eligibility:

    1. GMiller –

      Thank you for your excellent and informational comment! So true what you say! Spot on!

      The evidence against Obama seems to increase each week. It is my hope and prayer, as I’m sure it is (with) many others, that Obama be brought to justice for his deceptions and identity crimes against this American nation! Also, it is my hope and prayer that those directly responsible for Obama’s deceptions of occupying the White House, come to justice, as well!

      Thank you for visiting

      Finally, may I utilize [copy] your comment in a future posting? I will fully ascribe credit to you.

  3. Glen says:

    You might recall what happened to Ron Paul when he mentioned those dirty pieces of parchment. They only selected Romney because he’s “electable,” whatever that means. Unfortunately I’ve notice many “republican” in my area do not even know what a Republican form of government is. They also fail to realize our “Constitution” consists of the Declaration of Independence and all other documents before including our American heritage and culture (Yes we have a distinctly American culture.) You can forget about most Democrats, as well. They think fondling four-year olds at airports is somehow keeping you safe. Or taking your kids away because you have a Bible in your house keeps them from suffering.

    The Constitution does not guarantee your safety, folks. That is why they have a Second Amendment.

    1. Glen –

      Thank you for your comments. I cannot disagree. And, I think that your comment at the very end about the Second Amendment is what the founding and framing fathers of our country had in mind. That is why they categorized these Bill of Rights as the 1st and 2nd – in that order and next to each other.

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