Perspective: The Fine Art of Viewing a Picture

Perspective: The Fine Art of Viewing a Picture

Note:  Above picture found on the web

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Nathan M. Bickel

5 thoughts on “Perspective: The Fine Art of Viewing a Picture

  1. jaimmy says:

    Reblogged this on Jaimmy's Blog and commented:
    Hahahaha….That is so funny! All I saw was the JLO booty. What a great husband 🙂

    1. jaimmy –

      Then you first saw what I first saw! LOL! Hey – you must be a normal guy! Thanks for visiting Although I post alot of political and serious stuff; when I find humorous material; I love to post it! It’s a pleasant change of pace!

  2. Andy Bickel says:

    Thanks, your little brother likes your e-mail. Good humor after a long days work. Keep mailing them.

    1. Andy –

      Nice hearing from my baby brother! I thought you’d like it. It was one of those “stand-out” web forward photos that I thought could receive more online exposure. I too, thought the dog driving the automobile was something very special and needed to be highlighted! Didn’t it look like a German Shepherd?

      I’ll try to remember to mail you these unusual postings. Pass it on as some of your friends would surely appreciate it!

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