Ruthless Republicans shoot their wounded

Missouri Republican Senate candidate, Rep. Todd Akin

Akin Staying in After Meeting With Top-Level Evangelicals in Florida –

Gutless Republican Party Leaders Bow to Liberal and Media Political Correctness

I am happy that Akin is staying in the race. I am one of those Conservative voters who is on the edge. I’m on the “edge” because I’ve had enough of Republicans shooting their wounded. The guy apologized. That is much more than what most lib Democrats do, when they miscue. Do the Dems dump Obama, and Biden for all their misspeaking? Of course not! Even the political party of partial birth abortion and abortion genocide has some loyalty; but not the shifty Republicans!

If Republicans don’t cease this cowardly behavior of non support to their own, then I will stay out of the presidential voting. I’m certainly not alone in expressing myself this way. Let’s see how far the GOP can go with all those “Independents” that Karl Rove and Ann Coulter said the moderate Romney would gather around him.

Furthermore, I’m a voter which looks for some spine. I’m weary of both political parties and their lack of spine. I’m tired of all the destructive political correctness played out at the expense of doing what is patriotic and morally best for this country! I’m sick and tired of a weak kneed Republican Party which takes its cue from the mainstream media and who bows to its multicultural (all values are equal) mindset!

Finally, I have been ashamed of all the so-called “Conservative” talk show hosts who have also attempted to throw Akin off their politically correct bus! They show by their complicit behavior and big [worthless] talk that they are spineless like Republican Party leaders. They show that they will bow to the mainstream news media and libs every time there is a squeal and holler from the Pelosi and Wassermans of the political landscape! Shame on them all! They are gutless wonders!

Here’s the long and short skinny:  If Todd Akin is forced out of his race for Missouri Republican Senate; Conservative Republicans will consider this a “last straw!” They will think to themselves:  “Why in the hell should I vote Republican? When push comes to shove, they don’t stand for anything? When one of their own is wounded; they either shoot him or leave him for dead!”  If Akin steps out of the race; an undetermined number of Conservative voters will not step into the voting booth! They simply won’t care to vote for a wimpy and gutless political party!

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel – author and editor

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Nathan M. Bickel

15 thoughts on “Ruthless Republicans shoot their wounded

  1. maxinegridi says:

    [Jumped Out of My Seat!!! … Standing Ovation!!! … Clapping Wildly!!!]

    Right on!!! Right on!!!

    1. maxinegridi –

      Thank you for your wonderful comment! I believe that there are oodles of voters out there who deplore what the Republican Party (though its cowardly leadership) continues to do! These namby pamby “leaders” simply fold when they are smacked with some political pressure. Instead of telling the Pelosi and Wasserman Dem libs of their opposition political party to scram on their witches’ brooms, Republicans and their big mouth talk show hosts [Rush included] bow to the political correctness cat calls. They essentially allow their opposition, buttressed by the mainstream media, to dictate policy and practice. As I stated and intimated in my mini commentary: Shame on them all! They are gutless pathetic specimens of cowardice!

    2. BREE says:

      YES! YES! YES! Finally the voice of truth and reason. I hope Mr. Bicklel puts this link up on every blog he can find. Thank you and thank you Lord!

      1. Bree –

        Thank you for visiting and especially for your comment!

        I will say that this posting of “Ruthless Republicans” shooting their wounded received the 2nd most visitations in the last 7 days of’s published postings. However, if I post my link to every blog [which would be impossible] I would be worn out and not be able to continue with any effectiveness my continuing articles.

        Having stated the above, I love it when I see someone on Facebook re-post my articles. I have no political partisan agenda, but to help promulgate honesty, morals and reality in the world of cyberspace; and, in the political world. Evidence of that, is that I neither sell or advertise commercial products on

        Please, re-link this article on various blogs, as you have time. Sadly, many blogs and noted (more widely read) websites do not allow substansiating links. But, you can state your opinion case and then simply say:

        “I just stated my opinion; and here, (following) is something to evidence my opinion. Please Google:


        Cody Robert Judy: Mitt Romney soft on Obama America and the Constitution

        Please also visit the Akin Facebook site and help keep this link alive! Also, link it to your Facebook friends!

  2. Susan says:

    The fact is, Akin was not the first choice of Republican leaders so they pounced on this as an opportunity to replace him with someone of their choosing, disregarding the people of Missouri that voted for him. As a proud Missourian, who voted for Akin in the primary, I’m very pleased that I am not alone in my feelings of anger and betrayal for this act of cowardice.

    1. Susan –

      Thank you for your timely comment! It is so appropriate to hear from a Missouri voter who has the mental smarts to cut through all the media biased propaganda fog surrounding the Akin news.

      Please, spread your perspective with this link to fellow Missouri voters. Encourage them to break free from the propaganda restraints of Republican bigotry against Conservative Republicans. Please do what you can in your state to take a stand against all this political cowardice. And, we all can hope and especially pray that the good Lord would move voters to disregard the political party blackballing of yet another candidate!

    2. BREE says:

      Hi Susan, I’m from Missouri too and in the same district as Todd Akin. There are a great many of us who are with you and praying for Todd Akin. He is a great man and he will prevail over all these vipers so hold on because we are never going to give up on this man who has done nothing morally or ethically wrong. God is with us and him. Todd Akin is our next Senator!

      1. BREE –

        Thank you for your comment of encouragement to Susan!

        Just a personal note of opinion by me. When I read your wonderful comment; I could not help but think how the RNC, national Republican leaders, national “Conservative” talk show hosts and political Debbie Wasserman Schultz blabber mouths, (such as Ann Coulter) have injected their damaging judgmental opinions into a local state contest! They should be ashamed of themselves for trying to influence and participate [in] the throwing of a fellow Republican under the libs’ political correctness bus!

        Their cowardice to abandon one of their own is just completely pathetic and, without excuse! Such wimps and embarrassments they are, not only to traditional America; but also to patriotic America! Such is a prime example why The TEA Party may have nationalize and become a third political party!

  3. Paul Stanley says:

    Finally! Thank You. You have espoused my belief and I had not seen any others that agreed with me. I supported Todd from the beginning even though I live in NC.

    1. Paul Stanley –

      Thank you for visiting this website and for your comment! Paul – I think that there are alot of “us” out there; but, we are not in a position to blow horn our opinion like the mainstream media. Thank God for the social media and for blogs like this WordPress site for being able to pierce through the media cat calls of ignorance and bigotry bias!

      Please do link this article as you might comment on the web about your opinion about Akin!

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