Choosing the lesser of the two evils: Romney or Obama

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Ever wonder about Mormonism? Here’s a short explanation:

 The Secret World of Mormonism – Mormon Cartoon – short / concise comments:

I’ve said before that it is always a choice to vote for the “lesser of the two evils.” This time around it is a choice to vote for someone who has strange alien religious beliefs and one who claims to be a Christian and is not; and who supports partial birth abortion and Infanticide.

My choice is to vote for Romney. The choice is a simple one:

Would you rather eat a pile of crap or would you rather choose to eat a crap sandwich? At least when choosing the shit sandwich, you do get the benefit of eating some bread with it.

Having stated the above, it is my personal opinion,  (aside from the aforementioned) crude and imperfect analogy [comparison] that Romney might not be a bad president. As a teenager growing up in Michigan, Mitt’s father, George Romney, was our state governor. And, my recall has it that George Romney did a fairly good job as Michigan’s chief executive!



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Nathan M. Bickel

5 thoughts on “Choosing the lesser of the two evils: Romney or Obama

  1. Ken says:

    Ok, that was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen as to why you should vote for the lesser of two evils! At least you get some bread? Really? How about making a moral and righteous choice and not vote for either evil? Vote for evil and you get evil. How about you look at the records of the person that your voting for. Compare the two choices that your giving and you’ll see that really there’s not that much difference. Romneycare blueprint for obummercare both with abortion previsions and elder denial care. Gay marriage, Romney brought it to Mass first. Amnesty for illegals, Romney says obastard did it wrong, but he’ll do it right and get it passed. Try finding a candidate who shares your beliefs and vote for him. If more Americans would do that America may have a chance. Voting for the lesser of two evils beats evil.

    1. Ken –

      Thank you for visiting I realize that not all of its postings will be agreeable to all. Nevertheless, thank you for your visitation and comment.

      By the way – I still stand by my crude crap and crap sandwich analogy. I like bread. It would help take away the nastiness of what is sandwiched between the slices!

  2. colleen says:

    Well, that was close in a few places, but the snear was very clear. The compiler has taken the opinions of some LDS people and used it as doctrine, especially when it comes to the race explanation. Folklore isn’t doctrine. Also when he was close, he still missed his fact targets about life before earth and expectations of life after earth. He turns things into a religious Star Wars cartoon.

    Also his claims about what Joseph Smith taught was inaccurate and skewed. LDS beliefs are rather straight forward., for example. You will notice there is a lot of freedom of speech in the church, now and in the past. People are free to speak and to write their opinions and they did and still do! So you can find odd comments and some very incorrect comments and take them out of context to make them appear even more strange. Lots of things are not known.

    This compiler connects dots that don’t connect! I am respectful of your doctrines and beliefs and would appreciate the same courtesy. Right now I walk by faith and endeavor to follow the teachings of Jesus in my everyday life. It appears that Mitt Romney does the same. He certainly is a good family man and an ethical, prepared business expert. The fact that he serves for zero pay is impressive to me!!

    Who am I? A senior citizen and grandma who loves her church and actually knows her doctrine and is well read in church history. I don’t worry about personal opinions when it comes to doctrine, either by people inside or people on the outside poking fun at my faith. I believe in Christ and believe He will come in the future. I have studied the Bible and the Book of Mormon and have concluded that they are all precious. Studying the Old Testament helps one understand both the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. Ancient prophets testified of Christ.

    1. colleen –

      Thank you for your comment and for visiting

      As I stated in my posting, I intend to vote for Mitt Romney. As I remember (being a teenager) his father, George was a good and respectable governor for Michigan.

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