Cowardly Congress Allows Obama Power Grab

Obama Grabs More Kingly Power – Comments:

This Obama  power grab of  the “appointment tool,” is really no surprise. After all, Obama is all about control without regard to Constitutional (checks and balances) government.

And, it is no surprise why the Republicans have not kicked up a fuss about this power grab. They’ve already sold their patriotic and Constitutional souls when they complacently allowed Obama to run for the office of US Executive. Since then they have whored around with Obama, being complicit in the prior (former) power grab – that being, Obama’s unconstitutional ascendancy to the US presidency.

I won’t even provide internal links (inside this short commentary) to substantiate what I just stated, because Obama’s White House occupancy is widely and publicly known to be a usurped resident reality. There has been no legal controlling authority which has certified his right to run for the highest office in the land in the first place. A legally constituted investigation led by a well known sheriff has found Obama guilty of forgery and identity fraud; yet the useless politicians who swore to defend the US Constitution, have failed to act. Instead, they grant Obama more influence and power that he does not legitimately have a right to possess.

Furthermore, I see a parallel. What has happened to the Biblical divine revelation [Scriptures] perpetrated against Christians, has also happened to the US Constitution perpetrated against American citizens. As the Scriptures are being perverted at every turn by this and that element in the culture; so the US Constitution is also being molested. Nothing is held sacred. Both documents are being scuttled and disregarded. They are being trampled upon every single day by human beings who think that they know better than the wisdom found in both these exceptional historical documents.

Consequently, I see very rough times ahead for America. Even if the corrupt White House putative [bogus] presidency of Obama is cut short by only 4 years;  great damage has (already) been done to our American Constitutional Republic. Can that damage be reversed? It is doubtful. Only by the grace and mercy of the Almighty Triune God will this great country survive. If it is allowed to survive; will it thrive? Will it again be blessed by the good Lord? Will He again smile upon America which allows abortion genocide to decimate its present and future population? Will the Triune God overlook the decadence of American drug usage? Will He ignore increasing homosexual activity which is now celebrated and considered an alternate lifestyle contrary to His designed purposes? Time will tell. We can only hope and pray……..

Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel


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