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The Romney – Ryan Republican Responsibility Team

America Needs Romney Ryan Republican Financial Responsibility

What better vice presidential candidate to pick from, who has earned popular respect as one of the very few who has come up with an intelligent and comprehensive fiscal plan to clean up and to fix the financial mess with which Obama and his irresponsible liberal Democrats, have dug this country [into]?

This morning the Republican presumptive presidential candidate, Mitt Romney chose as his vice presidential running mate, a charismatic young experienced 7 term Wisconsin Congressional representative who is Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

This choice by Romney is timely; especially at a time when the US is poised for a Greece type, financial bankruptcy, due to the “hope and change” spending, borrowing and taxpayer money wasting of the Obama White House scandal ridden occupancy.

Paul Ryan Wins VP Pick –


>>>>>> ……Mitt Romney changed the game by picking Paul Ryan. With this pick, he throws all the “mean man” canards about him into the faces of Barack Obama and his whole undisciplined machine. More broadly, Paul Ryan throws the Democratic Party politics of envy and dependency into their faces.

He also shows conservatives that when he says he will break with his big government Massachusetts past, he’s not kidding…. <<<<<< –

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