Obama’s Extortion Greed Strips America Bare

Obama, in recent forked tongue campaign remarks, was attempting to compare presumptive Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, to a modern day Robin Hood thief. What our White House usurping scandal ridden occupier would have [desire] everyone know, is that the political opposition is our nation’s boogeyman.  [Obama continues to smoke screen his failed record, of which he cannot defend]

However, no matter how Obama attempts to snake charm some  gullible American voting crowds, the reality remains that he has near bankrupted the United States with nearly 4 years of failed bank bail-outs; unprecedented federal spending; failed green energy endeavors and rising food stamp welfare handouts.  And, all this on top of an unemployment crisis which leaves Americans without hopes of adequate jobs to support their families and pay their mortgages.

Furthermore, Obama has accomplished all this economic destruction while calling for increased taxes on those who pay the most taxes (by far). Obama’s failed actions and policies end up leaving our nation energy dependent upon the Middle East. And, in the Obama wrecking bar process, business expansion is stymied for a successful American economy recovery which would supply decent jobs for the unemployed.

Obama would bad mouth the opposition Romney who has proved himself by creating jobs, while he, himself has caused the loss of many umpteen American jobs. So, then – if anyone can be considered a thief, it is Obama; and, on a grand scale.  He is a (nasty) extortioner second to none:


Political Extortion – thechristianmessage.org

>>>>>>>> Political extortion is by far the most subtle and sophisticated form of thievery. It is also the slimiest. And, its widespread political practice, (at least in this life) enjoys a type of “legalized” status. Politicians (unless appointed by their peers), are elected by the general public to serve the peoples’ bests interests. They, (the politicians) are generally (though less frequently) referred to, as “public ‘servants.’” As public servants, part of their elected office requires them to make monetary decisions. Decisions that are made, by these representative elected officials, require the dispensing of public (tax) monies to accomplish the various tasks (decisions) that have been made.

Having thus stated, — “political extortion” is the nefarious practice of handling hard earned taxpayer monies and utilizing them in such a manner, as to insult the givers of those monies who had entrusted those monies to those public servants, for their, (the publics’) best interests. Political extortion is to grab these public monies and run with them. “Run” with that money to feed the insatiable and greedy desires of various pet projects and special interest groups, (at the expense and need of the general taxpaying public). This type of (thuggish) thievery snatches tax monies from the supplying source and supplants it elsewhere, to the demise and detriment of those from whom it was lifted. <<<<<<<<<<<< – thechristianmessage.org



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Nathan M. Bickel



15 thoughts on “Obama’s Extortion Greed Strips America Bare

  1. akathesob says:

    Great article Nathan as always.

    1. akathesob –

      Thank you. I’m certainly not an accomplished writer as of some I duly admire. But, I try to get to the meat of issues with pics and some short remarks. If, by my efforts, I am able to help someone start thinking in logical and moral fashion, I am elated. Reality is my goal in a culture which continually blinds itself with political correctness and the false goal of multiculturalism, which professes that all value systems are equal.

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