Obama: Wrong Again!

Obama is wrong again. America is a Christian nation! A must watch short 2 minute video. Watch to the very end to catch the full import!

Stoplight: A Walk for the President – youtube.com


Is President Obama Correct:  Is America No Longer a Christian Nation? – by David Barton – wallbuilders.com/


>>>>>>>> President Obama’s declaration that Americans “do not consider ourselves a Christian nation” is a repudiation of the declarations of the national leaders before him and is an unabashed attempt at historical revisionism. Of such efforts, Chief Justice William Rehnquist wisely observed, “no amount of repetition of historical errors . . . can make the errors true.”

Americans must now decide whether centuries of presidents, congresses, and courts are correct or whether President Obama is, but historical fact does not change merely because the President declares it.

The best antidote to the type of revisionism embodied by President Obama’s statement is for citizens (1) to know the truth of America’s history and (2) share that truth with others. – wallbuilders.com/


Please note for reference:

Election Projection – The Battle for Capitol Hill – 2012 Senate – electionprojection.com/2012elections/

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/

U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/

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4 thoughts on “Obama: Wrong Again!

  1. jb80538 says:

    We are and always have been and God willing, will always be a CHRISTIAN nation!
    God is willing, but are we?

    1. jb80538 –

      Your comment reminds me of a story told of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Someone asked Lincoln: [Paraphrase] “Is God on our side?” To which Lincoln responded: “It’s not a matter of us being on God’s side; but is He on our side?”

  2. Kurt says:

    America is a Nation of Laws. Back when I was a Conservative Christian, many years ago, church leaders supported the wall of separation between Church and State, saying, well, what if our religion isn’t the one Washington would use?
    Christians fight among themselves as to who is a Christian. Liberal Protestants aren’t Christian, according to Conservative Independent Baptists. Catholics call themselves Christian, but most aren’t Born Again, so while they might vote the way Dispensationalists do, they’re still going to hell.
    God gave America our inherent rights, but is that the One God of Judaism, the Trinity of Christianity, or the Allah of Islam? Spoiler alert: They’re the same God!

    1. Kurt –

      Thank you for visiting moralmatters.org

      There are a couple of things in your comment that I desire to reply [to]:

      1) You refer to the “wall of separation between Church and State.” There is nothing in the Constitution which supports this mythical one liner. Christians, Christian pastors and others have been thrown for a loop by this liberal repeated contortion. The following excellent article by historian, David Barton gives the historical background how this myth came to be:

      The Separation of Church and State

      2) In the last part of your comment you make mention that you think that the Judaism, Islam and Christianity all have the “same God.” To that, I must take liberty to take exception with that common [flawed] perception. There is no basic religious commonality between Islam and that of Judiasm and Christianity. And, Judiasm differs from Christianity in that its belief does not recognize the Trinity – especially the divinity of Christ. It’s a whole huge topic. But, I will leave you with one of my topical messages from my other website. Please take a look. I pray that you will return to your past Conservative Christian beliefs:

      It’s the Object of Worship – not the sincerity of worship that must be first and foremost

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