America Is a Christian Nation: Obama Wrong Again

Obama is wrong again. America is a Christian nation! A must watch short 2 minute video. Watch to the very end to catch the full import!

Stoplight: A Walk for the President –


Is President Obama Correct:  Is America No Longer a Christian Nation? – by David Barton –


>>>>>>>> President Obama’s declaration that Americans “do not consider ourselves a Christian nation” is a repudiation of the declarations of the national leaders before him and is an unabashed attempt at historical revisionism. Of such efforts, Chief Justice William Rehnquist wisely observed, “no amount of repetition of historical errors . . . can make the errors true.”

Americans must now decide whether centuries of presidents, congresses, and courts are correct or whether President Obama is, but historical fact does not change merely because the President declares it.

The best antidote to the type of revisionism embodied by President Obama’s statement is for citizens (1) to know the truth of America’s history and (2) share that truth with others. –


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