Why Is America Still in Afghanistan?

Changing the Muslim culture – an impossible task. It isn’t worth one American life

It has been this web author’s continued opinion that America’s enemies desire our country to be embroiled overseas in Afghanistan to sap our financial resources and destroy American lives. With 10 years presence in this Muslim culture the country continues to be run by Muslim traditions with little if no American influence exerted upon it. Christians are being persecuted and American blood is being needlessly spilled.  So, why are Americans still there?

After a decade in Afghanistan, and our US war efforts cannot prevent this:

Taliban publicly execute woman near Kabul: officials yahoo.com/ – “……Despite the presence of over 130,000 foreign troops and 300,000 Afghan soldiers and police, the Taliban have managed to resurge beyond their traditional bastions of the south and east, extending their reach into once more peaceful areas like Parwan…….  yahoo.com/


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