Wise Housewife Deplores American Clergy Cowards

Clergy / church leaders resemble the Wizard of Oz lion. Will they ever grow some patriotic and godly courage?

Are Gutless Clergy Competing For Number 1 Status With Failed Politicians?

Clergy: A Hopeful State Of Hopelessness – by Roseann Salanitri – conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/07/14/

Moralmatters.org Comments on the above news / commentary piece:

I believe that if any group is more responsible for America’s decline, it is America’s clergy – because, they should know better! And, I believe one of the major reasons America is swirling down the cultural sewer is that clergy have blinded their eyes and plugged their ears to America’s moral challenges. To be sure, the clergy in America are a sorry lot – especially Christian pastors and teachers. They hole up within their worship and educational sanctuaries and are afraid to publicly denounce the moral ills of our crumbling American culture.

Especially are these [so-called] “Christian” clergy guilty of sins of omission for not speaking out against politicians’ political sins and crimes against humanity. They have gagged themselves from telling their congregational flocks who Barack Hussein Obama really is. They will not, in John the Baptist and Jesus Christ fashion warn their flocks about wolves in high places. Most continue to accept the lie that Obama is a Christian, when by Scripture’s [own] standards, he is not! If just 10% more of self identified “Christians” had not voted for Obama the first time around, we would not be facing the major problems which Obama has brought to America with his godless socialistic and anti free enterprise agenda, actions and policies.

[Please refer to the following as evidence of the aforementioned]:

Obama proves, again, he is not a Christian – moralmatters.org/2012/05/10/


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