Obama’s Lies Will Devour Him And Haunt Those Who Supported His Deceptions

Cody Robert Judy – Democrat Candidate for President – Challenging Obama’s Constitutional Eligibility

Lies, Fraud and Cover-ups Have Lasting Consequences

Republicans fail the Republic – Cody Judy U.S. Crt Features Go Public on The Obama Stain – codyjudy.blogspot.com/


……Republicans failed – Cody Robert Judy, (I am), the only Democratic Party Presidential Candidate to take Obama’s Eligibility to the U.S. Supreme Court and showcase Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse result.

I have placed Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse results into the very first Judicial Court- The Superior Court of Georgia March 2nd,2012. This was appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court and now the U.S. Supreme Court……

……When a politician tells a lie and the people support it, the cup is filled with a lie and its just a matter of time before it spills and the resulting action stains what its spilled on…….

…….Obama understands that when these checks and balances or values leave the market, the market is doomed to fail, yet he doesn’t have the respect for the White House, for the U.S. Constitution, for “We The People” to employ those values to himself?

What exactly do you call someone who applies great laws and goodness to businesses and everyone else, but won’t employ them to himself in the Office of the President requiring a ‘natural born citizen?


What should we call him?

The ‘devil’ come down to us?

The truth shall set you free from the lie Mr. Obama. The truth shall set you free from Mr. Obama Democratic Party.

Make the choice, and free yourself from Obama’s malignant narcissistic personality disorder join The Birther Movement and become an Article II Patriot who supports Politicians who support, defend,protect, and preserve the Constitution in truth and real power.

Cody Robert Judy

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign





Moralmatters.org Articles Dealing With Obama’s Identity Scandal and Presidential Eligibility

Please also note the following Scriptures as they describe liars. Based upon these Scriptures (and, because the Triune God of this divine revelation, cannot lie),  it can be honestly concluded that Barack Obama is headed for a great awakening: 

Psalm 58:3 – “The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.” – KJV

Proverbs 26:23-28 – “Fervent lips with a wicked heart are like earthenware covered with silver dross. He who hates, disguises it with his lips, and lays up deceit within himself; When he speaks kindly, do not believe him, for there are seven abominations in his heart; though his hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness will be revealed before the assembly. Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him. A lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it, and a flattering mouth works ruin.” – NKJV

Revelation 21:8 – “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” – NKJV


Please note 2 informational links:

U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/


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4 thoughts on “Obama’s Lies Will Devour Him And Haunt Those Who Supported His Deceptions

  1. lynn says:

    cody judy we the people ask with all our hearts to go if you are allowed fight for our rights our freedom this is america’s very last chance. for those who could have from last term but did nothing. now you say you ar the only one who took this all the way. with sherrif joe and taitz fight like never before for your family and by that you are fighting for all we the peope as well as our families. i believe that we the people are in great danger. i remember even joe biden once said that obama should be impeached… what has changed he is right there doing leg work to take more freedom over our guns.i do not own a gun but for those who do it is their right. but to be hoaxed by lies that is a crime …not owning a gun.i feel we are in more danger than any could know.nothing seems like freedom and that is very scarey stuff.because if fraud has happend that is why i see our freedom going little by little .i see dictaorship gong on right before my very eyes.even joe biden said at one time he wanted to start impeaching obama.but he has changed now.it can make anyone wonder what is going on.and not question.

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