Obama’s Fraudulent Use Of a Social Security Number

Legal Suit over Obama’s fraudulent use of a social security number

Private Investigator Susan Daniels has filed suit against the Ohio Secretary of State over Obama’s fraudulent social security number – TeaPartyPowerHour – youtube.com/ – 

Susan Daniels: “….. I’m just angry like everyone else.  I’m sick of the politicians. The Democrats are bullies and thieves, and Republicans are cowards; and I’m sick of all them. Judges are corrupt; the country is in desperate shape. Everyone sits around saying ‘What can I do?’ Well, I thought of something I could do; and that’s what I’ve done; and [you know] God willing,  I’ll be successful……”   –  youtube.com/ – 

Moralmatters.org Comment:

Remember what sent gangster, Al Capone to prison? It wasn’t for his gangster (and murderous) activities. It was for tax evasion.

This legal lawsuit issue brought by Susan Daniels has nothing to do about Obama’s birthplace, his fraudulent birth certificate or his presidential ineligibility not meeting the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” status. It has to do with Obama committing crimes. Will, yet another judge crawl out of Obama’s anus and rule in his favor?


Moralmatters.org Articles Dealing With Obama’s Identity Scandal and Presidential Eligibility – moralmatters.org/bo-illegal-president/ 


Please note 2 informational links:

U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/


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Nathan M. Bickel



5 thoughts on “Obama’s Fraudulent Use Of a Social Security Number

  1. pnordman says:

    I found his SocSec #:

    1. pnordman –

      LOL! Perhaps, not far from that reality! The outspoken birther, black Christian minister, Rev. James Manning, has called Obama a “son of Satan.” Do a quick search for his website. He has some interesting things to say about Obama and his unconstitutional White House “presidency.”

      1. pnordman says:

        Nathan – I LOVE your website! BTW, I have downloaded many of Rev. Manning’s videos, am glad he’s on our side. I’ve told friends that God may be scrubbing us with BO’s presidency. One thing, it has brought us together in anger and disgust, not the finest virtues to be sure. We must rid ourselves of this barnacle!
        God bless you, Nathan. Eat your veggies – we need you!

        1. pnordman –

          Thank you for visiting moralmatters.org – Please pass it on to others. I do not sell or advertise. I’m only interested in presenting reality, good morals and ethics; and, of course, divine revelation Scriptural truths.

          As to your comment that “God may be scrubbing us with BO’S [putative] presidency,” – I agree. His destructive White House occupancy is, (I believe) part of the just Lord’s judgment (and punishment) upon America for having discarded Him; His Ten Commandments and His divine revelation. Lord have mercy upon our dear country; come Novemeber.

          As to eating my vegetables; the season of tomatoes is upon us, here. I have no problem digesting all those tomato veggies with bacon and tomato sandwiches; egg and tomato sandwiches and tuna and tomato sandwiches. However, today, I took a Sabbath rest from tomatoes and grilled out some brats and potatoes while my wife steamed some canned corn. Delicious!

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