US Congress Guilty as Hell

Enlarge your font size to read the “Washington Times Editorial Ad:” Crime of the Century – Consequences to Follow – Congress’ Fingerprints at the White House Crime Scene – Short Excerpt: The facts are in. We know, definitively, that the alleged Obama birth certificate on the White House Website… Read more“US Congress Guilty as Hell”

America’s Maltreatment of Its Veterans


“……………….It should be remembered that in the wars of the 20th Century that psychiatric casualties outnumbered physical casualties and the problems often didn’t become apparent for years or decades after the combat. So even after the current wars end these problems will not go away and are virtually certain to grow worse with time……………….”

Why Is America Still in Afghanistan?

It has been this web author’s continued opinion that America’s enemies desire our country to be embroiled overseas in Afghanistan to sap our financial resources and destroy American lives. With 10 years presence in this Muslim culture the country continues to be run by Muslim traditions with little if no American influence exerted upon… Read more“Why Is America Still in Afghanistan?”

Root Cause of the Aurora Shooting Murders

3/12/2014 Update: The following was authored at a time when this author was gullible enough to believe the latest reported news. Since then, he questions these “reported” news “tragedies.” Ask yourself: “When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the… Read more“Root Cause of the Aurora Shooting Murders”

Aurora Colorado Shooting: Mentally challenged media play political correctness double standard card

Steyn: Media play double standard in coverage of Aurora shooting versus Ft Hood shooting – Excerpt: >>>>>>>>>>> “Nobody ever says, ‘Where did Maj. Hasan get the ideas that made him want to stand on a table shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and gun down a bunch of people?’” Steyn said. “That is… Read more“Aurora Colorado Shooting: Mentally challenged media play political correctness double standard card”

Nixon’s Watergate Child’s Play Compared To Obama’s Corruption Scandals

Kuhner:  Arpaio Probe Could Dwarf Watergate – Excerpt: >>>>>>>>> ………Recently, Sheriff Arpaio held a news conference. He said that his team of independent investigators — composed of former law enforcement officials and reporters — have for months meticulously examined the computer-generated birth certificate that Mr. Obama revealed to the public… Read more“Nixon’s Watergate Child’s Play Compared To Obama’s Corruption Scandals”