Congressman Coward Tom McClintock – Ignoring the Big Lie

Another Obama Butt Wipe

When You Avoid and Ignore the Truth, You Defend the Big Lie

A Must Read – Note the Shameful Cowardice on the Part of California’s Congressman, Tom McClintock. His cowardice is representative of most current politicans. The Big Lie is more important to them, than the truth and seeking after the truth.

Mara Zebest: Exposing The Big Lie; When Did Truth Become Unproductive? – June 21, 2012 –

“……The real reason the eligibility issue is not productive is because Republicans and Democrats alike want to be able to promote candidates outside the constraints of Natural Born Citizen (which requires a candidate be born on U.S. soil to two citizen parents). Consider as proof the hard push to advance two ineligible options as VP, Rubio and Jindal……” –

Let Congressman Tom McClintock know how you are displeased with his cowardice  –

Note also:  Coward Congressman McClintock’s Facebook address:



This website’s new “BO – Illegitimate President” page

What Are You Doing To Stop Obama’s Tyranny? –


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U.S. Constitution Online –

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors –


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Nathan M. Bickel

2 thoughts on “Congressman Coward Tom McClintock – Ignoring the Big Lie

  1. Kevin True says:

    Dear Congressman:
    Thank you for admitting to the all obvious deliquentcy of duty Demonicrats and Repulsivecans covertly engaged as a conspiratile in progress. This criminal cabal however must cease and desist of it’s self appointed path of lawlessness and treasonist betrayal of the US Constitution they have taken an oath to uphold. Your are revealing to we the people how a 2 party system has been morphed into a 2 headed monster making or breaking laws without regard to the best interest of The USA but of it’s own jealous school yard girl fantasy. Please take the next opportunity to resign from office so that real congressmen can replace those of this deranged club mentality.

    1. Kevin True,

      Thanks for relating to this audience your well spoken message to Coward Congressman Tom McClintock. And, for those who want to do the same, here is (also) Coward McClintock’s Facebook address:

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