Obama and the depravity of human nature

Barack Hussein Obama has snake charmed the American people.  The huge influential Christian voting bloc should have known better. The Bible is testament to the reality of “the depravity of human nature.” Instead Christian voters were mesmerized by Obama’s “hope and change” message.

Obama’s advantage over the American voter is that many of them cannot intelligently and morally conceive of the destruction of traditional / patriotic America.  They cannot conceive that Obama is a corrupted individual and actually downright evil.

For 8 years the leftist liberal extremist media pummeled the G. W. Bush presidency.  Much of it was cheap propaganda which painted the picture of a devil incarnate.  Along comes Obama with a catchy “hope and change” message.  The stage was set; the Democrat dinner was prepared.  If you criticized Obama, you were a racist pig according to the left’s politically correct standards.  Frankly, I believe that many people used the occasion of voting for Obama to prove to their family members that they weren’t prejudiced and racist.  [A very moronic reason]

Obama’s ascendancy brought about an “over-kill” with voters

Voters could not resist voting for something and someone who was sold to them as a much better future for America, than what the “evil” Bush, Cheney and Halliburton had [supposedly] brought them. Hence, there were enough of majority of voters who swept Obama into office.  Even a majority of Christian Catholic voters voted for him, thinking him to be a “Christian, when he has proven otherwise. [1] But what voters ended up receiving, to their frustrations and utter disappointments, was not the “hope and change” which was promised.  Obama did not change the corruption in Washington D.C.  Rather, under his “regime” the corruption and overreach exponentially increased. One has no further to look than to note how the national debt has grossly increased under Obama’s watch.

Voters who voted for Obama and expected their “hope and change,” soon realized that BO was changing traditional America– not changing the corruption overreach of bureaucratic elitist government.  Not only have many Independents and Libertarians abandoned him (as evidenced by polling data), but younger first time, (now, “experienced”) voters.  The second time around, they will be voting against the one who had snake charmed them.

Finally, my grave concern is, that history will repeat itself

Barack Hussein Obama has a knack for playing the Chameleon-in-Chief.  He would not get away with this, if it were not for his accomplice kiss-up mass liberal extremist media [2] and gullible unpatriotic voter mass.  By playing the game of continued deceit, Obama zeros in on voter’s human nature to believe for the best — or, at least, better. It’s called, that Christian virtue, of “hope.”

If Obama’s re-election campaign can spin his first four years of failure to make it appear that he did all he could to gain a clear footing out of the Republican G.W. Bush swamp, [blame Bush tactic] and that he is now actually changing America for the better — then, he has a chance of dishonestly convincing enough voters that he deserves a 2nd term.

On the other hand, in order for Republicans, to be successful, they must continually remind the electorate that Obama is a colossal failure for traditional and conservative America.  They need to continually remind the electorate that unemployment is staggering and America is not energy independent, under Obama’s failed and flaccid leadership.  Also, that BO has corrupted the federal government by his sweeping edicts, regulation and appointment of czars.  They also need to remind the voters of all of Obama’s failed promises. [3]

If the Republicans can do all this, in the light that Obama kills business, employment, and energy independence — they have a winning formula — providing, they nominate someone competent [unlike McCain] who will go all out in campaigning against Obama. Oh, yes – Republicans need to remind the electorate of Obama bowing before foreign leaders.

Voters need to understand the depravity of human nature, when they make their 2012 voting choice. They need to hold Obama responsible and accountable for the utter mess he has created. But, [alas], voters, often and mistakenly allow the virtue of “hope” to blind them.  That’s how Obama won in the first place.  Voters didn’t want to be bothered by Obama’s Illinois voting record; his questionable (people) associations and, other multiple negatives. [4] [5] It made little difference to them that Obama supported Infanticide as an Illinois senator. And, it seems to make little difference to the mass of voters that Obama does not meet the Constitutional requirement (for president) of being a “natural born citizen.”  And, I fear that the GOP nominee will soft pedal and campaign like milquetoast, avoiding the Achilles heel of Obama – that being his illegitimate presidency. [6]

Note:   The “depravity of human nature,” was first referenced in Genesis, chapter 3, of the Hebrew Scriptures, commonly known as the first book of the “Bible.”  It’s the “sin nature” of humanity. And, that “sin nature” is on full display in the person and destructive actions of the White House occupier, Barack Hussein Obama.


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