Facebook Filth – Should It Be a Surprise Facebook Flopped on Wall Street?

Facebook friends – and others:

After just seeing “this” Facebook  [link below] page my questions about Facebook’s sanctioned behavior of me and other Conservatives, cease. [See related links below for explanation] I’m now convinced that my “treatment” by Facebook is just an outgrowth of the rank foulness seething within Facebook’s organization. Facebook has no moral or ethical excuse for allowing the following.  I warn you, it is extremely offensive:


Also, see the one web article which calls attention to this Facebook abomination:

The War Against Christians Has Begun:   Battlefield Facebook – frontporchpolitics.com/

Finally, I think that it is no wonder and surprise that Facebook has flopped, going on Wall Street for stock shares to be sold and traded. The Triune God has a way about Him which punishes wicked people in this earthy time frame before they arrive at the ultimate perdition punishment. [And, don’t say that the Triune God is not a loving God for allowing people to enter the punishments of hell] After all, I believe He is giving some Facebook people a sneak peak of His displeasure of them. Facebook operatives who are responsible for this blasphemy filth, still have the time a loving God allows them before they enter the Triune God’s eternal time frame of rewards or punishments.

But, be that as it may – at any rate, I don’t recommend anyone to buy shares in Facebook’s stock. It certainly is a poor bet – and you can see why.


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