Don’t move to Bay City, Michigan unless you want to be bombarded with unnecessary nuisance noise

A Nuisance Noise City

Please note below, a July 3, 2016 “Update” comment by this Moralmatters author.

A Significant Issue Which Many Communities Face:

It is a moral shame that some communities’ law enforcement continue to disrespect its taxpaying residents by continuing to allow the unruly to disturb the peace and quiet, law and order

I occasionally engage in his town’s online forum. Recently, I responded to a forum comment, and in that forum comment decried the reality of flagrant, unnecessary and nasty noise here in Bay City.

To that comment one of the Bay City Commissioners, responded that his dog doesn’t like the noise anymore than I do, but the State of Michigan passed a recent law allowing for more “obnoxious” fireworks to be legally sold. He concluded that with the new law, the Bay City Police Department will be less likely to be able to limit the noise (whether we have local ordinances or not). Basically he concluded the same old status quo type answer – namely, don’t expect any improvement. His excuse, basically, was also the same status quo type answer. The police department does not have the resources [manpower / money] “to deal with all the offenders.”

The best that this city official could offer was the empty promise that he was sure that there would be a “focused effort” now and then to crack down on city nuisance noise. In short, Bay City, Michigan has no honest way or program to deal with the unruly nuisance noise and nuisance perpetrating noisemakers of this mid-Michigan town, now dwindling with declining population.

To the Commissioner’s less than hopeful comment response, I [then] added my two cents –

Commissioner:   Thanks for the response,  I had a 100 lb. dog when I moved to Bay City. He was part Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever. He was the best of [watchdogs] But, he was terrified of the fireworks. However, be that as it may, I understand your thinking behind your answer, but I contend otherwise. Here, (following) is my [logical] reasoning:

When law enforcement only prioritizes to concentrate on the “largest” of crimes and offenses, what type of message does that send to the rowdy and unruly whose lives are in continued flux, that they (somehow) feel they must prove their manhood’s by disrupting the [reasonable] peace and quiet of Bay City residents?

All it would take, is some organization; some targeted issuance of noise nuisance tickets to the major several who make lives miserable for the rest of us in Bay City. Please don’t tell us that there is nothing that can (practically) be done. It’s called “law enforcement deterrence,” which can be had with strict monetary fines and community awareness. [This “law enforcement deterrence” can help pay for itself] When the trouble-maker nuisance noise makers are fined big bucks, that, in, and of itself, will help to put a crimp in their disruptive behavior. They will have less disposable income to buy their big noise makers, and, will have something [negative] on their record. And, word of mouth will get around as to their nasty behaviors. Perhaps, some of these people then will develop some good old fashioned, sense of shame.

I will tell you that if the city’s noise ordinance was enforced – and, even strengthened to deal with more “modern” noises, – despite the state law which allows for these fireworks, etc. – I believe that local enforcement would upgrade this city in such a way as to help attract the non unruly type of people to buy houses within city limits. [I just talked with someone the other day, who helps cut grass for well over a hundred vacated house lots] The city is rife with foreclosed homes and people who have vacated because their mortgages were [are] “under water.”

If ever Bay City government desires to gravitate to the level of attractiveness and respectability, it needs to crack down on those individuals who aggravate peaceful residents, thus (sadly and pathetically) making this city miserable to live in. [Bay City is more than the almighty downtown area] With conditions so unruly, the less than desirable, flock to Bay City and negatively contribute to its downhill slide. The “vicious circle” effect then, also, kicks in. I don’t think that Frankenmuth, MI local government allows the horseshit in its town which Bay City local government allows in our town.

Following is a 1962 news piece from the Iosco County News -May 1, 1962:

“Noise Complaints Bring Crackdown”

East Tawas – Numerous complaints of noisy mufflers in the Tawas area brought a warning from State Police in East Tawas that officers will commence a crackdown on drivers whose cars are making excessive noise. Included will be those with faulty or worn out equipment and other with straight pipes and mufflers which do not conform to state noise regulations.”

Every day and age has its nuisance noise (trouble) makers. This 50 year old news piece reflected the times. It was still the age of the loud muscle cars. But, law enforcement, apparently responsibly, responded.

I was in Tawas and East Tawas yesterday visiting a dear elderly lady who would visit me frequently when I spent 9 weeks in Bay City’s Mercy Hospital in 1954 (as a 4 year old). [My parents could not, but visit me once or at the most, twice a week because our family lived in Tawas, Michigan] Not once did I hear a firework go off in that twin tourist town community, yesterday, – unlike that of Bay City.

Commissioner – please don’t tell me as an acquaintance friend and Bay City Commissioner, that Bay City cannot attain [to] a more respectable community standard. The longer the boom box and firework insanity continues here in Bay City, the less attractive Bay City will be for those considering a move here. My wife and I have friends who want to move to the Bay City area. They are looking for a home to buy in Bay City. We’ve warned them to stay outside of Bay City, city limits and seek residency elsewhere.

Commissioner: Word of mouth gets around. Bay City government, law enforcement and courts are only fooling themselves if they think that they can allow these less major offenses to stand, without law enforcement penalties. Law enforcement, local government and courts have a great opportunity to help shape and mold the general peace and security of a community, rather than just come upon an already done crime scene with investigation and clean-up.

Remember the old adage: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Don’t think that for one minute that these “minor” offenses aren’t important. Major crimes such as theft, rape and murder are crimes that an individual perpetrates because they have “graduated” from the lesser offenses of disrespect for their neighbors and community. I do believe that there is a progression. [Scripture even suggests, so: Ecclesiastes 8:11] Good law enforcement is to be a deterrent. Law and law enforcement are principally for the ones who refuse to live by the Golden Rule.

Commissioner: I appreciate your efforts on behalf of Bay City. But, before Bay City government raises anymore taxes, it needs to raise the level of livability here in city limits. It can be done. I have no doubt. But, it takes a resolve of priority and the willingness to elevate the whole principle of “law and order.” Bay City government needs to quit rewarding the troublemakers (by neglecting the sanction of their offenses) and, instead, reward the bread and butter taxpaying residents who would like some normal peace and quiet and some decent law and order. [I would even volunteer as a member of some resident council and neighborhood residents, to work with law enforcement to that end]

Nathan M. Bickel – pastor emeritus

P.S. Commissioner – This piece will become public once I post it on the Bay City forum. The untoward nasty noise of Bay City has been public for a long time. Since I have spent my time and effort on this response comment, I think that I will utilize this response as an article to post [it] on my website. The contents of this response will be dispersed in local, state and national cyberspace.

Bay City government has known about this nasty noise problem for a long time, – at least since, I’ve moved here. I’ve spoken my peace about it a number of times, – and, I’m convinced others have, also, – but, to no improvement. Bay City government has been “digging its own grave,” by neglecting this important (aforementioned) issue.

These online comments of mine posted as a website article on the Internet will be my friendly warning to whomever:  “Move to Bay City, Michigan at the risk of your own peace and quiet.” I hope that as you age, – you and other local government personnel will be proud of yourselves for playing your part in the decline of Bay City, Michigan. State laws and local community government neglect, does have its (unintended consequences), – don’t they? At least that’s my free speech (1st Amendment) opinion…………

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel – Bay City, MI resident

Update – July 3, 2016. Moralmatters leaves a comment after the Bay City Times article of: “The best of the 2016 Bay City Fireworks Festival” –”

Bombastic displays of fireworks do not impress many Bay City residents and pets who are continually subjected to egregious noise disturbance during the summer season.

This elevated decibel noise disturbance does not end with one season. Unless I have misunderstood, Michigan politicians legislated 10 days during the calendar year for residents to blow off their personal fireworks. Each designated day allows noisemaker residents the legal right to be intolerant to their quiet and peace-loving neighbors. the day before, the day of, and the day after each designated firework day. That’s 30 “legal” days for non-neighborly big noisemakers to exercise intolerance against those who choose not to clutter the public air space to harass others with unnecessary nuisance noise.

Bay City Times newspaper recently devoted a front-page article to the fireworks industry economic impact here in Michigan. To those “shakers and movers,” money is the only legitimate motivation for the proliferation of molesting the public air space. Little if any regard is given to the physical and mental health safety of infants, small children, elderly, PSTD sufferers, innocent pets and those who are physically effected (harmed) by elevated unnecessary loud noise.

I was born and raised in the 1950’s. The 4th of July was special. Our family would attend the one lone night to see the fireworks. Today, the celebration of Independence Day is anything but special. It has turned into an American Holiday that breeches all good morality and common sense.

Bay City has a wonderful downtown area (now freshly paved). It hosts a beautiful riverfront. But for the most part (residential Bay City) is dying. Excessive displays of fireworks and prominent downtown and riverfront beautification do not make up for crumbling residential streets, foreclosed homes, intolerant neighbors and higher taxes. Bay City’s population in the 50’s and 60’s was 50-60,000. Now, it’s about half. Bay City is dying. It didn’t have to be that way.

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Nathan M. Bickel

5 thoughts on “Don’t move to Bay City, Michigan unless you want to be bombarded with unnecessary nuisance noise

  1. Ron says:

    I am 54 yrs old and pray I never get so old. That I forget I was younger and had fun doing things that make me jump out of my skin now.
    I have some friends who believe they were perfect and begrudge others the right of passage into amore relaxed lifestyle.

    1. Ron –

      So, what is your point, – especially, as it relates to the continued summer long Bay City bombardment of nasty nuisance noise perpetrated by the intolerant unruly who prevent reasonable [relaxed] peace and quiet in a city with its already umpteen [normal] noises?

  2. Syril Ram says:

    I agree with Ron. If fireworks are the worst of your concerns, you must have some teeny tiny concerns. There are solutions to noise problems like that, 1, do some soundproofing to your domicile, and 2, move far far away, so you can complain about something else.

    1. Syril –

      Somehow, I think that you have misconstrued my remarks about fireworks. My wife and I can and have lived with the disconcerting sounds of the legal fireworks. We have adapted. However, the ones who continue to force upon all of Bay City residents, their illegal fireworks, – they are the ones who haven’t adapted and haven’t made it a neighborly habit to live, and let live.

      Your remarks would have people such as I, be the abnormal ones. However, I submit that the abnormal ones are those who cannot be tolerant to their city neighbors and who disregard common courtesy and the law.

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