Obama Media Experience No Shame

Mainstream Media – Obama’s Siamese Twin

Obama’s Shameful Media Kiss-Ups Continue To Be In His Back Pocket – And, Those Who Cannot Fit Up His Anus

Unmasking The Media’s’ Birth Certificate Hypocrisy – by Jeffrey T. Kuhner – times247.com/

“The liberal media are finally looking into the birth certificate issue — Mitt Romney’s, that is…..When it comes to Mr. Romney, nothing is off limits for our media elites. It is very different for President Obama. He has been given a free pass. The press corps refuses to investigate his murky background. In fact, the liberal media are doing everything possible to sweep his dubious past under the rug………Mr. Obama is the most radical president in U.S. history. But he is something else: the least vetted leader in modern memory. The media are coddling him. It’s time to finally unmask him.” – times247.com/

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