Union Bullies Lose – Tainted Dirty Money and Dirty Tricks Can’t Buy Wisconsin Election Overthrow

Wisconsin Voters Said “No!” to Public Unions

The Wisconsin Effect on Liberal/Socialists – ……This was about unions. Unions in Wisconsin, notably, public sector unions, were a BIG part of the problem. Union pensions, paid entirely by taxpayers, were breaking the bank and they were unsustainable. Union Membership was a must regardless of what workers wanted and their union dues were mandatory. Unions had, for decades, bullied the workforce and run roughshod over Wisconsin politics….. – thenationalpatriot.com/2012/06/06/

Moralmatters.org Comments:

The Major Problem of Organized Union Labor Interests – Selfishness and Inequity Abound:

The problem with public sector unions across the United States is that taxpayers have been forced to fund union employee wages, pensions and benefits which far exceed those of the private sector. Union employees put in their 25 – 30 years; “retire” at a relatively young age and then pick up other gainful employment in which they accrue more wages, benefits, and in some cases, a second pension.

Taxpayers in the private sector who struggle with mortgages, rising utilities, food and auto fuel prices, continue to experience their taxes rise so that city and county governments can fund their status quo public sector union selfish interests. For years unions were given great financial and benefit packages during economic boom times. Those lavish political promises of pension and benefits cannot be met by taxpayers who now experience economic down times, – and, whose pay and benefits are decidedly less than union employment compensation.

The Wisconsin election (and now confirmation “2nd election”) of Gov. Scott Walker, illustrate how rank-in-file taxpayers have sent a huge message (across our nation) to union bosses and union practices, that they will not be beholden to union boss slavery, and continue to be coolie servants of these long-time political narrow minded interests. Voters are tired of a subtle modern day union mob behavior, which extorts rank-in-file taxpayer monies and launders it in such fashion, as to pay big union boss salaries and fund partisan politics.

I have often thought that modern day unions have left their usefulness moorings and have drifted into a cultural strong arm tactic of organized thievery and political extortion. Public unions have been popular with liberals. Those liberals who would never feel comfortable wearing white sheets and burning crosses to intimidate rank-in-file private sector employee citizens find security joining up with big labor union organizations and practicing bully tactics as if it were morally sanctioned, – simply because they can get away with it.

The Wisconsin recall vote with Gov. Walker winning, illustrates how rank-in-file taxpayers prevail when they finally become fed up with all the union bullying and big money [type mobster] influence. Just think of all the nasty things union influence perpetrated when they didn’t get their way with the initial election process. They stormed and occupied the Wisconsin State Capital leaving it a littered mess in need of repair and renovation. They encouraged and supported Wisconsin politicians to flee the state to boycott the democratic legislative process. They poured in (other) out of state union monies and personnel to (attempt) to strong-arm the State of Wisconsin.

Will unions understand the message from taxpayers?

However, in the end, the taxpayer, David shepherd boy, type voters prevailed against the giant Goliath union bullies. Now, those same bullies must eat crow and realize they are the losers. Hopefully, (at least some of them)  will now learn to work for the common good of Wisconsin, rather than again nurture and grow their malevolent sour grapes.

Unions have outlived their past usefulness. Admittedly, unions have helped to improve working conditions, etc. But, that day and age is past. However, the major problem of unions, are, that they have become selfish big business sucking off the wealth of the general public. (High salaries to union bosses, ripped off the burdened backs of union employees) – a very common, sad and pathetic reality.  Also, unions have become selfish enterprises, forcefully exacting unreasonable and huge sums of money from their forced union  employee membership, to fund partisan politics.

But, perhaps, the worst abuse of public sector unions, is the same nasty abuse which government of all levels have forced upon ordinary and rank-in-file Americans, – that being, political extortion:

Political Extortion – The Theft of America – moralmatters.org/2012/04/27/

Note:  This online author does not begrudge a person possessing union employment. I, myself, in my gainful (working) employment years had jobs where union membership was required. What I do have a huge challenge, with, is union management, union bosses and the mandatory manner in which unions force upon employees union dues, – and, especially how those union dues are then (later on) diverted to selfish political party interests.



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