Facebook Fuss – Why Is FB Apparently Making it So Difficult to Acquire Facebook Friends?

Obama and Facebook Owner (Admirer) Mark Zuckerberg

Obama and Facebook Owner (Admirer) Mark Zuckerberg

Yesterday’s moralmatters.org posting dealt with a youtube about a personal eye witness testimony who heard from Obama’s own lips that he had been born in Kenya. [1] When I posted this on this website and attempted to post the link on Facebook, it was rejected [deleted].

It seemed very apparent that Facebook was giving me the run-around as I explained in yesterday’s previous posting. [2] 

I continue to maintain:

I only have under 400 friends compared to many who have twice or more than I have. Am I now accumulating too many friends too fast? Or, are some Facebook (authority) personalities paranoid that I am a committed birther,  Constitutionalist and Conservative – and, that I am projecting the message out in cyberspace about our White House occupier’s growing identity scandal and unconstitutional non natural born citizen status?

According to Facebook I must have to have some type of acquaintance or friendship [already] to become a Facebook friend to someone – as a prerequisite to even requesting their Facebook friendship.  [That’s odd. I don’t remember this prerequisite in the past being imposed upon me]

What kind of nonsense is this, anyway? If I ask  someone to be a Facebook friend after I like their “like” or “comment,” – is that a Facebook violation sin? Is the old fellow I met at the bank recently, who engaged me in conversation to be ignored? Am I to tell him, “Shut the hell up, – I don’t know you – you aren’t an acquaintance and / or friend of mine!”  Of course not! I politely answered back and we discovered that we had some common interests. We then, after a little while, exchanged phone numbers.

I have always been under the clear impression that a Facebook member could request a Facebook friendship of someone he viewed on Facebook who seemed to have similar interests. If having to know the person “personally” is now a prerequisite (according to Facebook rules), how can a Facebook user ever acquire new FB friends?  One would have to only limit oneself to direct family and family relatives. It’s obvious what is going on here. Facebook is just being unreasonable and apparently “hitting on” certain targeted Facebook users with their pop up restrictive boxes.

More questions from this website author about Facebook’s treatment of me. I ask myself:

“Does Facebook treat non Conservatives and non birthers and non Constitutionalists, the way, I’ve been (apparently) treated? Go figure…… The Jessie Jacksons and Al Sharptons most likely don’t receive any Facebook radar treatment, – and, aren’t given the run-around as I have, very recently!

What is the driving paranoia, out there? Are they afraid of American patriots, birthers, Constitutionalists and / or Conservatives? And, if so, if birthers are just loony tune carnival barkers – why are they apparently feared and so heavily resisted, demonized, sanctioned – and / or blocked from enjoying Facebook?

6/5/12 – Noon Update of the Facebook censor omission of this web posting:

I just posted this posting on Facebook. It was deleted in short order. I can only conclude that Facebook and its operators cannot handle the truth. They continue to help Obama and his kiss-up media, censor [by omission] the news and what the general public think about it. [I might as well add here, that I’ve been blocked for the past two to three weeks (or, so) by Yahoo.com from offering my comments after its news pieces. ]
Why are the liberal media so paranoid? I thought that being liberal would translate itself into gracious tolerance? Not so, with the bigoted mainstream media. I have found out, by their not so subtle “gag orders.”
  • (6/4/12) Afternoon Update to the apparent Facebook Shenanigans:

Facebook, is now allowing yesterday’s posting to stand, without its deletion (as far as I can tell). However, it still is making it difficult making Facebook friends. Here are a couple of comments directed my way by some Facebook users, since yesterday’s moralmatters.org posting:

  • Midnight – (6/4/12) Update to the apparent Facebook Shenanigans:

By the way – I just posted this website posting on my Facebook page and they allowed it to stand. I wonder why….. And, I wonder, how long…. Perhaps, now, they are being cited – and, on the web, for that matter.

At any rate, Facebook is no daisy. It isn’t perfect, although I appreciate its world-wide impact and partial tolerance of me to use its facility. Thank you Facebook. But, please cease your needless intolerance and attempted blocking and / or, harassment of some of my postings – and, trying to limit me making new Facebook friends!

One Facebook User comment:

I tried to “like” your post about Obama and they asked for my Email and password. It wouldn’t take my password, then it wouldn’t even take my E-mail address. Something’s unsavory in Denmark!

Another Facebook User Comment:

Thanks, it seems like I haven’t been allowed to accept FB friend request for some time now.


[1] [2] Marine: 1980 In Hi. Obama Told Me He Was Born In Kenya And Wanted To Be President – youtube.com/

Please note 2 informational links:

U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/

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Nathan M. Bickel



9 thoughts on “Facebook Fuss – Why Is FB Apparently Making it So Difficult to Acquire Facebook Friends?

  1. Even when I have HUNDREDS of friends in common, I repeatedly get ‘sanctioned’ for ‘not knowing’ people and my capacity to add friends is denied for two weeks. They don’t know who I know or who I don’t. But hundreds of friends in common is one good measure that we at least have common interests. Yet I’m continually shown ‘people you may know’ and offered the chance to suggest friendships. FB will begin to lose users if they don’t knock it off, there are other sites showing up that do not treat users so badly.

    1. Margaret –

      Thank you for your timely comment. As you say:

      “FB will begin to lose users if they don’t knock it off, there are other sites showing up that do not treat users so badly.” [Your spot on observation]

      Yes – No person, system or facility is that indispensable. Facebook may end up being its own worst enemy!

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org

  2. Jeff says:

    Its hard to believe that people are gullible enough to believe this bullshit. Facebook is a publically traded company now and cannot do this. The majoity of the things I see posted is anti-Obama (including this) I am not pro Obama, but I am not stupid enough to swallow totally bullshit lies like this one

    1. Jeff,

      First of all, thank you for visiting moralmatters.org Please visit more often. Perhaps, then, certain realities might not be so strange to you.

      I recommend for you to read the Bible and discover what human nature is all about. When people such as yourself do not accept the reality of the “depravity of human nature,” they become blinded by the culture’s propaganda. I do not go to all this trouble (operating a website – and, another one), to tell lies. I have no monetary motive of profit. Do you see me advertising on this website? Do you witness any selling on this website? I only attempt to portray reality because I love reality and I aspire to the truth.

      Jeff – I suggest that you unstick your head from the sands of ignorance. This website is about 2 months old. And since I posted (on this website) what Facebook is doing, these last couple of days, I have had 3 comments sent to me from 3 separate [other] people about their problems with Facebook.

      Again – please discover some human nature. Read the Bible. You will then discover what Christ said about the possession of much money. People who have great possessions don’t stop with their treasures. They will often attempt to grab power, authority and influence, not caring who they step on, in the process.

      Finally, don’t register a comment here again, accusing me of lying. Search your own heart. I’ll leave you with one of my topical messages. Perhaps, God the Holy Spirit would work some wonders in your heart to be able to handle the truth:

      Liars go to hell


  3. Jeff – Re: Your June 5, 2012 at 6:59 pm comment:

    You stated: “The majority of the things I see posted is anti-Obama…..” [Your observation]

    I’m not so sure (if what you say) is overall, true. I have not subjected this new website to an analytical inspection. But, assuming what you say is (so far) the case, why should not Obama, our nation’s (notorious) White House occupier, deserve this website’s spotlight attention? After all, it is he who makes it a point to inject himself and his extremist and oftentimes vile politics into just about ever segment of our American life. Think about that, for a moment.

    When one person makes himself the center of attention, he needs to be exposed for who and what he is. And, in Obama’s case, the anti-focus of attention he acquires (for himself) on this website, is well deserved! If Americans don’t expose his continued attempts to dismantle this Constitutional Republic, I would be surprised. Why? Because this unconstitutional (non natural born citizen) is so obvious in his attempts to destroy traditional America. Here’s just a sample:

    Sample of Hate Crimes by Obama Against America


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