Birther Barker Bashing Ridicule Gets Old

Birther Barker Bashing Over-Kill Demonstrated in Recent CNN Wolf Blitzer Interview of Donald Trump

The White House Occupier’s mainstream media continues to cover Barack Obama’s sorry behind. They continue to drink BO’S propaganda Kool-Aide and march to the boot click rythm of their unconstitutional [bogus] “president. Recent propaganda mainstream CNN Network New’s anchor Wolf Blizer,  repeated the Obama talking points’ propaganda that there is no question as to Obama’s origins, inspite of the reality of an ongoing law enforcement investigation by the well-know Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. [1] [2] [3]

The latest twist to the Obama camp birther bashing (old) radical leftist type, ridicule, is to call upon GOP candidate Mitt Romney, to isolate himself from billionaire, Donald Trump, who again is raising serious concerns as to Obama’s growing identity scandal. Following, is a CNN video, which has the vigorous back and forth dialogue between CNN’S Wolf Blitzer and Donald Trump. Note how (in-the-tank for Obama) Wolf Blizer, trumpets the same old birther bashing ridicule of stereotyping “birthers,” as “conspiracy theorists.” [4]

Also, please note, that Barack Husseain Obama was the first birther, as he wanted to popularize himself for political office by touting his Kenyan roots via book information given to and written by his publicist.  [5]

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Please note:

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Nathan M. Bickel

23 thoughts on “Birther Barker Bashing Ridicule Gets Old

    1. Mr. Judy – Thanks for the link. It was rather short and of low volume sound quality – at least for me and my computer. But, I caught the gist of it. I can’t ever remember seeing a display like that, before. But, I don’t judge. Lord, only knows the frustrations of some of these well meaning politicians and how they must feel that they have their hands tied behind their back!

  1. An interesting development has happened in Georgia in the Supreme Court that includes Sheriff Arapaio’s investigation contesting Obama’s eligibility.

  2. If Romney doesn’t want to support the Constitution, how can he fix the economy?

    1. Mr. Judy,

      I’ve often thought that if Romney was smart, he would go after Obama’s Achilles heel and expose Obama not meeting the US Constitution’s standard of being a “natural born citizen.” But, by him being silent, he becomes a complicit Obama charader, making mockery of the Constitution and US rule of law!

  3. Trackback – Re: Your predictable and ridiculous observation of June 1, 2012 at 3:20 pm:

    Read my posting more thoroughly –

    You anti-birther / birther bashers conveniently forget that your unconstitutional non-natural born citizen [bogus] “president” was the first birther:

    Birther Barker Bashing Ridicule Gets Old

  4. Well said Mr. Bickel… well said. Mr. Romney has been kept up to speed on it I assure you, as was former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who I believe left the Presidential race after 11 million and ever refused to acknowledge the ineligibility of Obama by the demands of our Constitution.

    One can grasp the tip of the iceberg as far as how much these gentlemen have put into their campaigns as a token of what Obama’s ineligibility has cost all of America.

    1. Mr. Judy,

      I’m not sure what you mean by your 2nd paragraph, but, I’m happy to hear that Romney has been informed. But, is he eligible? What is your “take?”

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