Obama Lies – He Must Shame Even the Devil

Obama Lies – He Must Shame Even the Devil

Very recently it was divulged that Obama’s literary publicist had documented Obama’s Kenyan origins. This was not a one time event, as it is said to have gone on for 17 years and even up to two months after Obama announced his candidacy for US president. [1] Now, that this is made public, Obama’s in-the-tank mainstream media are avoiding this issue, accepting the literary publicist’s word that a “mistake” had been made. For 17 years – and two books, one of which was published and is Obama’s hallmark identity autobiography? No way! Fat chance! Preposterous!  For years on end, it was fine for Obama to be okay with his Kenyan and Indonesian roots. Then, when he was serious for running for US president, he had to hide his unconstitutional origins. [2]

It has become quite clear that Obama and his suck-up media minions have ignored some hard realities about Obama’s past. Surely, they have not done their homework. One week before the release of Dr. Jerome Corsi’s (book) “Where’s the Birth Certificate,” Obama presents a birth certificate he and his supporters said, never existed. Yet, the mainstream news media took up the Obama ridicule mantle and began to discredit “birthers” as some alien conspiracy theorists. However, I believe their ridicule will be turned back upon them, – and, they will eventually have to eat crow, or else, continue to live in their made up lala fantasy world.

If my memory serves me correctly, Dr. Corsi documented in his book, reports and press reports of Obama’s  foreign origins. Following is a report from another source. [3] And, after that, an informational link, is yet another source which relates a number of newspapers, all reporting Barack Hussein Obama’s Kenyan (African) origins. [4]

At least the devil knows who he is, and, I doubt that even he would try to disavow his origins. Yet, Obama, has no shame, as he continues to present himself as something different than reality says he is. Obama’s life story is riddled with inconsistencies and he has not been forthcoming as to who he really is. He has sealed certain records and will not divulge them. A person who has something to hide will not be open and honest. Obama has been neither……


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Nathan M. Bickel



41 thoughts on “Obama Lies – He Must Shame Even the Devil

  1. Karl Blevins says:

    You know at some point you would think (0)bama would run out of folks to blame for his mistake’s.

    1. Thank you for reblogging the article!

  2. ehancock says:

    The fact that a publicity blurb got it wrong is not news. It is not even uncommon for that to happen.

    Which is more likely to have made a mistake, an unknown publicity writer, or the combination of these facts?

    (1) It was highly expensive, risky and rare for a woman in late pregnancy to go to Kenya in 1961 (only 63 Americans went to Kenya in fiscal 1961, and only 21 people returned);

    (2) There is absolutely no proof in Kenya that she was there in 1961 or in US INS files (which by the way would have been in New York and which have not been lost) that she left the USA for Kenya in 1961, or that she returned or that Obama was entered;

    (3) AND a Hawaii birth certificate, signed by a doctor, confirmed by the officials in Hawaii and by the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers all showing that he was born in Hawaii?

    Obama’s mother would have had to have taken that improbable trip to Kenya without her husband, and equally improbably she would have had to have done so without any proof that she traveled, and equally improbably she would have had to have returned to Hawaii and convinced the officials there that her son was actually born in Kapiolani Hospital in Hawaii.

    The fact that the publicist got it wrong (probably from reading the bio of Obama’s father who actually was born in Kenya and had the same name) certainly does not make it a fact that Obama was born in Kenya.

    1. ehancock – These aren’t just simple “mistakes.” It was made, repeatedly:
      “Barack Obama’s biographical brief edited repeatedly over 17 years, but Kenyan birthplace changed just weeks after his presidential run announced:”


      Furthermore, if you choose to be naive, – that is your privelege. You can believe those Hawaiian people who haven’t produced the original long form birth certificate. And, the short form, which was “released” by Obama last April has been demonstrated (repeatedly) to be a fraud. Go and start paying some mind to the Sheriff Arpaio investigation, rather than believing Obama’s marching boot clicking minions.

      As far as the newspaper birth announcements – those have been shown by the Arpaio investigation to not prove the origin of one’s birth, no more than a cookie jar is to possess cookies, inside that jar.

      Finally, if you are so much for believing newspapers, – then, why can’t you believe what has been reported in numerous ones about Obama’s Kenyan and Indonesian origins?
      AP Declared Obama “Kenyan-Born” – patriotupdate.com/


      “Obama literary agent claims Obama was Kenyan-born ~ Now DOZENS more articles confirm the same!” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1grt5uehak&feature=youtu.be

  3. ehancock says:

    I forgot to say: “Such a trip plus such an ability to convince people that you have given birth in a place where you did not give birth WOULD HAVE BEEN RARE.” And rare is an understatement. It would have been as rare as winning the super trifecta three times in a row or getting a hole in one on each of the 18 holes in golf.

    1. ehancock,

      There are always “would haves” and “should haves.” The fact remains, Obama allowed the literary publicist (for close to 20 years) to print his Kenyan origins. Obama cannot disavow that no more than he can disavow his attending the black radical pastor’s, Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church, for 20 years. If you want to believe that he never inhaled Wright’s black liberation anti-American preaching and teachings, that is your privilege to live in denial.

  4. True Patriot says:

    The ultimate traitor was George W. Bush. He ALLOWED Obama to win the election and take over this great nation. Bush’s Attorney General Michael Mukasey, the top law enforcement official in America, did NOTHING to stop Obama. No court could ever say that the Attorney General of the United States doesn’t have “standing”. Bush sold this country out. When he dies, I will spit on his grave.

    1. True Patriot –

      You have a very interesting comment. And, I cannot disagree with it. I assume that you are saying that if the G W Bush Administration would have been on the ball, it could have nullified Obama’s campaign candidacy by declaring him ineligible to run for the presidency because he did not meet the Constitution’s major requirement of being a “natural born citizen.”

      However, I still think that there is plenty of blame to go around. But, as you seem to indicate, Bush had the perfect opportunity to show some patriotic courage! I too, agree that Bush sold America out.

      Thank you for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org – Please pass this site on to your email and / or Facebook friends. As you can see, I don’t sell or advertise on this site. My aim is to highlight reality and morality…….

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