Birther Basher’s Arrogance and Denial

Birther Bashers are Stubborn People – But Sooner or Later They Will Eat Crow

The Reality Remains – Barack Hussein Obama (aka, Barry Soetoro) is the Undocumented White House Occupier

Dr. Corsi:  ”Four years into the presidency, and the White House is still talking about a birth certificate it won’t show the American people!” –

With the mounting evidence concerning Barack Hussein Obama’s identity background and lack thereof, those who have ridiculed “birthers” continue to be stutly arrogant in their denial over Obama’s background deceptions.

As an aging emeritus Christian pastor and patriotic American, I don’t believe that I’ve ever witnessed such arrogance and denial about anything – even among those who experience substance abuse. At least with them, there are periods of times in their lives, that they will (temporarily) stop and admit that they have a massive life problem.

However, to those who are supportive Of our White House occupier, they don’t seem to want to care about where, this White House occupant came from. They don’t seem to care if there are logistical problems with his social security number. They don’t seem to care if something is not right about his selective service status or lack of it. To them, it doesn’t matter that he’s kept sealed, important life record documents, including eduational records, which US presidents have always supplied the public.

The lastest revelations about Obama’s past, concerning the written record of his literary publicist, still does not phase the birther bashers of arrogance and denial. [1] [2] They continue in their habitual silence, of showing no shame. Neither does it bother them that various newspapers and online webstites proclaimed Obama to be foreign born. [3] [4]

Instead, the birther bashers remain strident, still marching the denial goose step in tune with the music of mainstream media which has promulgated this cruel hoax upon the American people. Used as their main tactic to promulgate and proliferate this Obama identity charade, has been the leftist “Saul Alinsky tactic,” of ridicule. Basically it is a malevolent tactic utilized because no rational defense can be had to answer their critics. Hence, the birther bashing of ridiule – the old fashioned attempt of playing the personal character assasination card.

The radical political left, with its kowtowing mainstream media, always falls for the race card game. Can anyone point out a time that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton haven’t been successful in orchestrating their bigoted tunes to the media, and the media not playing their bigoted music for them?

However, this time around, the birther bashers can ridicule all they want – but, fewer and fewer thinking and rational Americans are listening. The very ridicule phrase coined by our US White House occupier, “carnival barkers,” will be a description used against the birther bashers. As in the past, when the Supreme Court (basically) decided the George Bush / Al Gore presidential election – and, the political left, moaned and groaned, – so, this time around with the whole Obama identity scandal, the birther bashers and their kowtowing media will be the carnival barkers. Only, they will be moaning and groaning, blaming birthers and others for causing the political demise of their first Mulatto White House occupier.

In short, these birther bashers will remain strident to the end. Some of them will never admit their arrogance and denial, – even, (and, sadly) to the day they die.

Nathan M. Bickel –

Worthy of Significant Note:

Most people overlook the following when Obama came out last April with his birth certificate. That (“over-kill”) action entangled him in a lie:

Alex Jones – “….One week before his [Dr. Corsi’s] book was going to come out, ‘Where is the Birth Certificate,’ Obama came out with the long form, which he said didn’t exist, and all of his surrogates did…..” –

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  1. Karl Blevins says:

    Facts in this case are so clear it just stinks. Far too many things in this issue just do not add up and is so clear even the slowest in the room should be able to keep up.

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