Homosexuality – Suspicious Gallup Poll

If the Gallup Poll was accurate, why isn’t America littered with more “gay parades?”

Remember the old adage:  “All that glitters, is not gold?” So, the same type of thing could be stated about polls and surveys. Not all the supposed results are  fair and equitable measurements.

Gallup:   Slight Majority Say Homosexuality Morally Acceptable – christianpost.com/

I wonder where Gallup took their samples? If they equally took their samples in all 50 states, the 4 big liberal and homosexual states of MA, CA, OR and NY would certainly skew the whole survey.  Was the poll disproportionately taken in urban areas such as San Francisco and New York City?  Then also consider the square mile ratio of these states with the whole nation. Polls are deceptive and It think this one, was way out of whack. It’s good propaganda for the liberals and great fodder for homosexual activism.

Finally, I’m reminded of what one diplomat once said:  “There are lies; there are damned lies; and then there are statistics.”

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Nathan M. Bickel



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