Obama lies

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Telling falsehoods is the readily accepted definition of the sin of lying. The lesser recognized definition of lying, is the (willful) deliberate withholding of the truth. Sometimes, this is active; other times, passive.

Our unconstitutional White House occupier (usurper) resident fits all these definitions of lying. After 3 and 1/2 years of White House occupancy, posing as our nation’s legitimate president chief executive, Obama has hindered disclosure request efforts on numerous occasions,  refusing to disclose his identity background and normal background information which is expected and required of most Americans.

Not only has Obama hindered efforts to disclose his identity background but he has actively prevented by legal means to thwart efforts that might force him to come clean and prove his qualifications to meet the US Constitutional requirements of legitimate US president.

The recent Arizona Sheriff Arpaio investigation has turned up conclusive evidence that Obama has forged his birth certificate. Obama’s actions, agenda, and policies all are in stark contrast to what he says, claims and promises [to] the American people. Hence, he makes himself a liar by not following through on his word.

As a Christian and Christian emeritus pastor I believe that the following Scripture applies to Barack Hussein Obama:

“Fervent lips with a wicked heart are like earthenware covered with silver dross. He who hates, disguises it with his lips, and lays up deceit within himself; When he speaks kindly, do not believe him, for there are seven abominations in his heart; though his hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness will be revealed before the assembly.

Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him. A lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it, and a flattering mouth works ruin.” – Proverbs 26:23-28 


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Nathan M. Bickel



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