Media Bias – FOX Megyn Kelly, Covers for Obama

FOX [so-called] “fair & balanced” News Anchor, debases the Biblical Scriptures – Makes Herself Another Politically Correct, Obama Apologist – Injects her personal criteria on how Americans should think:

President’s spiritual adviser speaks out on gay marriage –

Megyn Kelly attempts to frame the news of Obama’s support for homosexual marriage:  She says:

“… can’t base your assessment of what is moral and what is right, in 2012 America, based on documents that are thousands of years old, – on principles that are thousands of years old, – and that cannot be our standard, – otherwise we’d still have slavery; we’d still have segregation; we’d still have alot of things that people consider discriminatory, like gay marriage……” –

Obama Continues to Fail at Understanding Scripture:

Obama’s spiritual advisor,  Dr. Joel Hunter, claims that Obama “interprets Scripture” according to his heart – ….”he really has a great compassion for people; especially, for those who are left out.” And, so, as he interprets Scripture, he interprets it through that filter….” –


Another [so-called] “fair and balanced” FOX anchor:

“Shep Smith on Obama’s Support for Gay Marriage” –

Megyn Kelly, Unleashed – A real gas:

Megyn Kelly farts on live tv. –


Suck-up Media Enjoy Brief White House Banquet Break, Before Crawling Back Into Obama’s Anus –


Nathan M. Bickel

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