What is the Gospel? How is it perverted?

A Portion of “The Christian Message” Sunday topical message [sermon]:

“What is the Gospel? How is it perverted?”

…..Tersely put, the Christian Gospel is the good news of (about / concerning) Jesus Christ, true God and true man, who was prophesied in the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures hundreds of years before His virgin birth, holy life, (divine) sacrificial suffering and death and resurrection from the dead. [1 Corinthians 15:1;2;3;4;5] That “good news” becomes priceless and eternal “good news” to sinful human beings, when; they by faith receive the Lord Jesus Christ……

……How is the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ, Perverted?…..

……There is a present odious element in the Christian world. It’s many followers have left the divine revelation teaching documents, of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, and gone their own way. Their odious and destructive element, “tool” is referred to, as UOJ – “universal objective justification.” Basically, this anti-Scriptural teaching rejects the Scriptural principle truth of the sinner being “justified by faith, alone,”……

……..This UOJ deadly disease (tool) has spiritually infected a large portion of Christianity. This spiritual disease, with its often, high and mighty (ecclesiastical) church leaders, and, also, pastors and teachers, end up leading human souls, astray. This false teaching pacifies sinners and heavily contributes to leading those same sinners upon the roadways to eternal destruction in hell. Remember the old adage about what the goal of a faithful Christian preacher, should be? It is this: “To comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.” Not so with the UOJ leadership crowd, (though) as they do the opposite! Instead, what makes the UOJ teachers so deadly, is that their “universal objective justification” teaching, lulls sinners to a soul damning (permanent) sleep!

The UOJ followers’ error? They magnify the grace of God, while at the same time, pathetically and incorrectly diminishing the Scriptural reality of personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, which places the sinner at peace with God. They essentially disregard how this all takes place, in the person and work of God, the Holy Spirit. This faith which justifies the sinner, is initiated and generated by the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity (Triune God). Lord, only knows the far reaching and destructive trail results this infectious perversion of Scripture has cost needy priceless souls. And, Lord only knows the divine judgment He will bring upon those who have led priceless souls upon the path to perdition!

Note: To find out more about the soul destructive and damning teaching of UOJ – “Universal Objective Justification,” – please access the following:

“Hunnius – Reviewed by Brett Meyer” – “Theses Opposed to Huberianism: A Defense of the Lutheran Doctrine of Justification” – Sunday – May 6, 2012 – ichabodthegloryhasdeparted.blogspot.com/ ………..

Nathan M. Bickel



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