Media Omission Censor – Conservative Websites Block Free Speech

Is This a New Disturbing Trend?

Some Conservative Websites Block Free Speech – Will Not Allow Commenting readers to Support Their Opinions With Linked Information

Perhaps, I’m mistaken, but, if my recall serves me correctly,  not too long ago I remember some politically conservative websites which allowed their reading audience to substantiate their comments, following news articles. Now, I’ve noticed (and experienced) that the (same) following websites, don’t, anymore:

I have not linked these aforementioned conservative sites, because I do not feel they are worthy of my attention and recommendation, anymore.  [There are plenty of others to choose from] If a so-called and self proclaimed conservative website refuses to allow its viewing and committed audience visitors to register their comments, with web linked evidence, – then those websites need to be pointed out, branded and then ignored.

Furthermore, I suggest that these websites (selfishly) use their website reader comments to further frame news issues which appeal to those same readers. I think that it is a game to them. Use the readers and the comments they have spent their time, offering, but don’t allow them to be taken so seriously by allowing them to evidence and support their comment claims. This one way type, of excluding free speech, is a form of censor – “omission censor,” – which is, part and parcel of the media propaganda program. Whether all of this (on their part)  is conscious behavior or not, is, immaterial. In the end, free speech is definitely diminished. And, when free speech is diminished, history illustrates how big government comfortably fills the vacuum.

Some Conservative websites share the same trait as liberal websites:

The aforementioned conservative websites are now practicing what some liberal websites have always done. For instance, ABC news and AP – “Associated Press” news releases, as they will only allow comments with no supporting web linked evidence attached in the viewer’s comment opinion.

In short, I think it is a poor example which is being practiced by some assumed politically conservative websites. Have they become so popular and high and mighty to now limit the flow of viewership ideas? Will the online audience “catch on” to the omission practice of these conservative websites (and others) to stifle the free speech flow of ideas? Will these “conservative” (“free speech”) discriminating websites be subject to loss of interest with growing numbers of their viewing audience? I think so, as all you have to do is access ABC and witness for yourself, the dearth of comments.

The Role of Political Correctness in Media Omission Censor:

Please note the linkage of Media ‘Narrative’ with the notorious practice of “Political Correctness:”

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Nathan M. Bickel

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