Obama Media Boot Click Cowardice

Obama Mainstream Media Networks are Fueled by Cowardice 

Have you ever noticed while channel surfing the major TV Networks that they often have their commercial [breaks] at the same time? This similarity along with the priority of news feeds, leads even a moron to believe that the media orchestrates the daily ration  of political correctness propaganda. {1}

There are some differences, though. There are differences in political correctness bent, ranging from the little watched CNN to the more widely watched TV audience of FOX. But, whatever the political bent, there is one commonality. That commonality is to keep you, the viewer and watcher, fixated upon one huge personality – that, being our present White House occupier, commonly accepted by media as the (legitimate) US president, – although by US Constitutional standards, he is not eligible to be legitimate president. {2}

Recently, there has been a small media firestorm over FOX news anchor, Brett Baier, {3} expressing his personal opinion that Barack Hussein Obama is a legitimate US president, contrary to many Conservatives Americans, who consider Obama to be a bastard [bogus] US president. Their assertion is well founded, based upon the genuine definition of “natural born citizen” as it was [and is] understood by legal precedence. {4} Also, upsetting for Conservatives, among whom are many “birthers” and “Constitutionalists,” is Obama’s identification obfuscations and deceptions. That identity fraud by Obama is now coming into more public scrutiny due to the efforts of the one Arizona group pushing Sheriff Joe Arpaio to do an investigation of Obama, of which the mainstream media, never did, do. {5}

The American public isn’t stupid. Many patriotic Americans love this country based upon traditional values sparked by the Judeo / Christian ethic. They will not be silenced. The longer the boot clicking media continues to kiss-up to their Emperor with no [US Constitutional] eligibility clothes, the more the informed public will push back. This reflex kick-back by Americans who witness Obama destroying this county, {6} will not only continue to zero in on Obama’s corruptions, but the media’s glaring corruption of arrogance, denial and silence over Obama not meeting the US Constitutional requirement to be legitimate US president. {7 }

Finally, as the Obama crowd and complacent boot click media found the time to ridicule their fellow Americans over Obama’s roots, identity and presidential (eligibility) qualifications, those same patriotic Americans, be they birthers, Constitutionalists or just plain Conservatives, (as represented in the new media, social media and personal blogs) will continue to highlight mainstream media’s foolishness as that same media continues to hide in Obama’s  cowardice anus cave. {8}

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