Stupid Christians – Why Christians are often foolish

“Stupid Christians – Why Christians are often foolish” – …….Recently there was (also) the news about the Christian mega-church leader, Joel Olsteen expressing his assertion that Obama is a Christian. His reason? Essentially, because Obama said so, – the same (lame brained) excuse reason that Joe the Plumber, offered. Didn’t these two Christian buffoons ever learn that Jesus Christ distinguished between cheap talk and actual (meaningful) actions? Matthew 7:1f………

…….Why are Christians often lacking in spiritual discernment? Why do Christians act so foolishly?

I’ve been known to say that every seminary and Bible school lacks a required course of time, spent, living on a sheep farm. Throughout the Scriptures, God’s divine revelation often refers to God’s children, as sheep. [Isaiah 53:6] That word is an excellent description, as sheep are unsuspecting creatures of habit and often prone to go astray. What saves sheep from being devoured by wild beasts is that they have a shepherd who loves and cares for their safety and ongoing preservation……… –

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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