Political Extortion – The Theft of America

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What is Political Extortion?

“Political Extortion” – ……Political extortion is by far the most subtle and sophisticated form of thievery. It is also the slimiest. And, its widespread political practice, (at least in this life) enjoys a type of “legalized” status. Politicians (unless appointed by their peers), are elected by the general public to serve the peoples’ bests interests. They, (the politicians) are generally (though less frequently) referred to, as “public ‘servants.’” As public servants, part of their elected office requires them to make monetary decisions. Decisions that are made, by these representative elected officials, require the dispensing of public (tax) monies to accomplish the various tasks (decisions) that have been made.

Having thus stated, – “political extortion” is the nefarious practice of handling hard earned taxpayer monies and utilizing them in such a manner, as to insult the givers of those monies who had entrusted those monies to those public servants, for their, (the publics’) best interests. Political extortion is to grab these public monies and run with them. “Run” with that money to feed the insatiable and greedy desires of various pet projects and special interest groups, (at the expense and need of the general taxpaying public). This type of (thuggish) thievery snatches tax monies from the supplying source and supplants it elsewhere, to the demise and detriment of those from whom it was lifted……

The whole aforementioned article can be found, here – conservativenewsandviews.com/ – or, thechristianmessage.org

Examples of Political Extortion – Related Articles – Small Sample of Obama’s political sins of extortion:

“The 2012 National Debt Road Trip” – politicalmathblog.com/

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New Report Says Treasury Will Lose $23.77 Billion on Bailouts of Chrysler, GM – wot.motortrend.com/

Something Is Rotten In The Auto Bankruptcy Deals – rense.com/

“Detroit’s Leaders Borrow a Page From Government Motors and Chrysler” – April 25, 2012 – “Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has cooked up a true-and-tested scheme to rescue Detroit from its impending bankruptcy (which would have happened by now had the state not already given it a $137 million-loan on the state credit card). The scheme doesn’t involve implementing his promised layoffs of city workers to bring the city’s expenditures in line with its revenues. Nor a full-scale privatization of city services. Nor does it require persuading Detroit’s bellicose municipal unions to renegotiate retiree contracts to lighten the city’s legacy obligations that make up half of its accumulated $12 billion debt.

Bing’s scheme is clean, simple, and painless: Shaking down Uncle Sam for $1 billion in emergency bailout money, just like GM and Chrysler…… – reason.com/blog/

…….So if the feds decide to help Detroit – which is not entirely inconceivable given that this is an election year and Obama will be looking for union votes in Motown – expect a line of city and state leaders holding their tin cups forming from Washington D.C. to Sacramento.” – reason.com/blog/

Group: Michelle Obama’s Spain trip cost taxpayers $467k – news.yahoo.com/

Obama’s Solyndra Complex – spectator.org/

Solyndra Nation – A greener shade of crony corruption — er, capitalism — courtesy of the Obama administration – spectator.org/

ACORN’s Stimulus – Is this an economic recovery package or a bailout for liberal groups? – spectator.org/

Who Will Bail Out America? – President Obama’s Grecian formula certainly won’t – spectator.org/

Extortion (theft) ad infinitum –  etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. 

Want to read more Obama extortion? Have at it:

“Obama Giving Oil-Rich Alaska Islands To Russia – Agreement negotiated in total secrecy without state’s participation, public comment” – wnd.com/

“Obama Quietly Seeking To Cede U.S. Oceans To U.N. Law – Shock recommendation buried in White House report” – wnd.com/

“CBS News: Foreign Workers Taking Stimulus Jobs” – “This is the problem with government just handing out American tax dollars to companies – there’s no accountability. And thus some of that money is being used to fill American jobs with foreign workers: …..”  – therightscoop.com/

“Obama Excludes Muslims from Forced Health-care Bill” – conservativepapers.com/

Extortion (theft) ad infinitum –  etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. 


Nathan M. Bickel



11 thoughts on “Political Extortion – The Theft of America

  1. The feds are using extortion for sure
    look what is going on with all the recovery act funds and the push to fulfill agenda 21 plans on the local level

  2. raoul says:

    hm feds using extortion
    what a novel concept

  3. Jack Carolina says:

    That’s exactly what it is: Government extortion!!!

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