Obama Molests American Right of Free Speech – HR 347

Must see, short youtube video! Note the clear implications of this attack on the First Amendment!

“Obama Makes Free Speech a Felony” – youtube.com

“This is a slow creeping destruction of some of our basic liberties, and the president signed it in secret.”

– Judge Andrew P. Napolitano – judgenap.com

Further Explanation:

“Free Speech Restricted: Pres. Obama Quietly Signs H.R. 347 Bill That Makes It a Felony to Protest Near Areas with Secret Service (video):” –

“……Obama’s H.R. 347 bill would in all likelihood have made civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King a felon. The Occupy movement is not happy about H.R. 347. But neither should tea party members be happy, nor should any Americans be, regardless of their political affiliation, their race, color, or creed. A felony is dead-serious stuff — as Judge Andrew Naplitano explains…….” – frugal-cafe.com/


Nathan M. Bickel



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