No Hate Crime to Question Romney / Mormonism – Not Bigotry!

“Examining Religious Errors and Foundations is Not Bigotry” – comment:

There’s no bigotry involved, just because voters question a candidate’s religious persuasion. Voters have all types of questions, and telling them that a candidate’s religious views, are sub important, is not only ludicrous, but ridiculous as well.

It is plain dishonesty to label voters as bigots and hate-mongers simply because they don’t prefer this or that about a certain candidate. There’s no hate crime, involved.  If I, as a grocery shopper do not prefer the certain highlighted sale of the day, does that make me a bigoted shopper and grocery store hate-monger?

I believe that the Republican establishment might be coming to the sad and pathetic realization that they opened a can of worms by insisting that Romney be the GOP candidate standard bearer.

Romney, certainly has an American right as any American, to seek political office. But, his Mormonism does not help him. And, the Republican Party, pushing for his candidacy, may very well be sorry and full of regrets, when all is said and done:

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Nathan M. Bickel

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