Romney’s Albatross – Cult Stigma – Republican Establishment’s Big Mistake

“Big Hate” – comment to the “Big Hate” news piece:

Establishment Republicans should have known better. They can squeal all they want now, about the lib Dems hauling out their cult and hate cards, but, it will do no good. The Chris Christies of the GOP should have foreseen that the perception of the voting electorate is, as important, as the candidate they are pushing.

The Establishment Republicans will now have to live with their decision to select a nominee who isn’t really Christian, but who carries with him the white elephant stigma [tag] of “cult.” I hope that the Karl Roves and Ann Coulters of the GOP are happy with their presumptive Republican nominee. I think they swooned headlong into clamoring for Romney, not looking back at recent political history and noting that all the Republican presidents have been Christian, – at least in name only.

But, be that as it may, the Republican Party is going to garner all those Independent and moderate voters. [Or, so they think] Hence, they won’t need Conservative Christian votes like mine. The only way that I would seriously consider voting for Romney, is that he [big time] exposes Obama’s forgery identifications and Obama’s unconstitutional (non natural born citizen) White House occupancy “presidency.”

The Republican Party, if was wise, would bend to the wishes of birthers, Constitutionalists and Conservative Christians on the whole eligibility issue of Obama, and make it a huge campaign issue. [That, is, Obama’s Achilles heel!] If the GOP and Romney would do that, they could (perhaps) spark a significant portion of the electorate to get out their vote. Then, the GOP would have a chance to beat this incumbent Barry Soetoro embarrassment of a fake president.

Finally, you Romney Republicans – please don’t attempt to convince yourselves and the voting electorate, that Mormonism is Christian. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is true God, the 2nd person of the Trinity. Mormons, don’t, as they don’t [can’t] subscribe to the historic Apostle’s and Nicene creeds.

Also, Christians don’t think that when they die they will be awarded some distant planet to ride hee haw on, in the hereafter, as Mormons, do. If you don’t believe me, check out “Mormonism” at

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Nathan M. Bickel

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