Liars Go to Hell

“Liars Go to Hell” – …….Perhaps, the most prevalent example of people lying to other people, are politicians of all levels – federal, state, county and local “leaders” who campaign for public taxpayer paid offices and who make all types of campaign promises, only to go back on those promises and shaft the very voters who voted them into office. Often their lies end up in harmful actions, taking advantage of the citizens they were voted in to represent. See: “Political Extortion” –

Chief among present day US politicians is our White House Occupier. Currently, he is under investigation for forgery. Not only is he being investigated for various illegal activities, he is under heavy criticism for usurping the US presidency because he does not meet the US Constitution’s requirement for being a “natural born citizen.” When Obama campaigned for US president he made lofty and admirable promises for transparency in his administration, should he be elected president. Sadly, the majority of the voting electorate believed his snake charming promises and voted him into office……. –

Nathan M. Bickel – pastor emeritus

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