Blind sighted News Media – Incapable of Reporting [Christ’s] “Redemption”

“Family spokesman: Charles Colson, Watergate figure who turned to religion, has died at 80” – – Published: 7:21 PM 04/21/2012 comment:

Unless I missed it, in this one liberal AP – Associated Press news article printed on the Daily Caller website,  I think it simply amazing how liberal media pieces like this,  diminish and cast aspirations upon the Christian conversion experience and a life changed by the historical and everlasting Christ. They will use a “Christian death occasion” like this, to moralize – and, never at the same time, allow themselves to inspect their own self righteous (holier-than-thou) missions of sinful political propaganda activity.

The news piece [does] state half way through that:

“Before Colson went to prison he became a born-again Christian, but critics said his post-scandal redemption was a ploy to get his sentence reduced…..”

But, the blind sighted news media piece, at the beginning of the article, says of Colson:

“His proclamations following his release [from prison] that he was a new man, redeemed by his religious faith, were met with more than skepticism by those angered at the abuses he had perpetrated as one of Nixon’s hatchet men.”

However,  many Christians remember Charles Colson, – that he was “redeemed” by faith in Christ, not by “his religious convictions,” as a person’s religious convinctions are a far cry from genuine faith in Christ, which (faith) is born from above – God, initiated and not an invention of human aspirations of sincerity and endeavors.  [New Testament – John 3 ; John 1:11-13 ; Ephesians 2:1-10]

I will also venture to say that by and large the news media are heathen in nature.  Those “reporting” the news are generally souls who are unregenerate. Hence they cannot appreciate and understand how the crucified and resurrected Christ can transform a person’s life as it was reflected in the life and altered  activities of Charles Colson,  some 30 years after his Watergate involvement.

Furthermore, (and not at all, to diminish Colson’s past criminal activity), Colson’s political criminal activity vis-à-vis the Watergate scandal, was, “child’s play” compared to all the abominations and corruptions of our present White House occupant, Obama, who is under investigation for identification forgery by a county Arizona Sheriff, – not to elaborate upon Obama’s usurpation of the US presidency because he has not met the requirement of possessing a “natural born citizenship” status.

Finally, I am not surprised that the lib media would use every occasion to ignore and smoke screen the present dishonest and corrupt activities of the Obama Administration, by its scrutinizing, of the [soft core] Watergate Scandal. Hypocrisy indeed, – as there is no mention of Obama’s [hard core] scandals perpetrated right in front of our American faces!


“The Faith: What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why It Matters” –

Book Description – Publication Date:  January 22, 2008:

“Rightly understood and rightly communicated, the Christian faith is one of great joy. It is an invitation to God’s kingdom, where tears are replaced by laughter and longing hearts find their purpose and their home. This is the heart of the gospel: God’s search to reclaim us and love us as his own. But have we truly grasped this? Those of us who have disdained Christianity as a religion of bigotry—have we repudiated the genuine article or merely demonstrated our own prejudice and ignorance? Those of us who are Christians—have we deeply apprehended the mission of Jesus, and do our ways and character faithfully reflect his beauty? From the nature of God, to the human condition, to the work of Jesus, to God’s coming kingdom, and all that lies between, how well do we understand the foundational truths of Christianity and their implications? The Faith is a book for our troubled times and for decades to come, for Christians and non-Christians alike. It is the most important book Chuck Colson and Harold Fickett have ever written: a thought-provoking, soul-searching, and powerful manifesto of the great, historical central truths of Christianity that have sustained believers through the centuries. Brought to immediacy with vivid, true stories, here is what Christianity is really about and why it is a religion of hope, redemption, and beauty.” –


Nathan M. Bickel – pastor emeritus

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