Abortion Survivor / Abortion Genocide

Gianna Jessen an abortion survivor

“Planned Parenthood Celebration Jolted by Abortion Survivor – She sings the anthem to applause, then her secret is revealed to stunned silence” – catholiceducation.org/

See a brief portion of one of her speeches – “Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor in Australia Part 2” – youtube.com

 “LifeSiteNews.com Interview with Angelina Steenstra: Co-ordinator of Silent No More Awareness Campaign” – ……..Steenstra said that “Silent No More” was the name of a book written by Dr. David Reardon, a post-abortion specialist and researcher who has documented extensively the effects of abortion. Dr. Reardon’s web-site, http://afterabortion.org/ has available past journals documenting such statistics as that teenage girls are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide after abortion, that 60 percent of women consider suicide, and 28 percent attempt it post-abortion. Reardon also documents that women post-abortion are almost four times more likely to engage in substance abuse.

Post-abortion effects are rarely reported by main-stream media, says Steenstra. She points to the de Veber institute as a Canadian institution doing excellent post-abortion work. The Institute documents the fact that abortion risks such as cancer, infertility, and suicide are underreported. Steenstra said that one psychiatrist she talked to attributed 80 percent of the depression he treats in practice as abortion-related……. – lifesitenews.com/

*  Why Do Doctors Withhold Abortion’s Medical, Mental Health Risks From Women? – lifenews.com/

*  “Troubled Virginia abortion clinic puts bleeding botched abortion patient in hospital” – lifesitenews.com/

*  New Study: Abortion More Than Doubles the Risk of Child Abuse – lifenews.com/

*  “Rachel’s Vineyard – Healing the pain of abortion – one weekend at a time” – rachelsvineyard.org/

*  Women Who Regret Abortions Continue Silent No More Campaign – lifenews.com/

Abortion Genocide – conservapedia.com/

Please  note:

Abortion Genocide is the destruction of future generations:

“What Does God See and Hear?” – ……In Genesis 4:8 we have the picture of Cain murdering his brother Abel. Cain believed no one saw him commit this heinous act. However, God asked Cain, “Where is your brother, Abel?” Cain lied. “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” Then God let Cain know He had seen the treacherous act. “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” In Hebrew, the word “blood” is plural, “bloods.” Not only was Abel’s blood crying out to God, but all the generations Abel would have produced if he had lived were also crying out.

“……Numerous babies are aborted each year. It is this culture’s way of eradicating the image of the Triune God in which the human race was created. Genesis 1:26 Doctors, nurses, and professionals may refer to a newly formed baby as blastocyst, an embryo or a fetus, but the bottom line is the little one is a triune human being with a body, a soul, and a spirit. The pre-born baby allowed to reach adulthood has the potential to bring forth more generations. Psalm 102:18 When an apple is cut open the seeds are able to be counted. But, only God can tell how many apples are in one seed. God knows the generations which should have been produced by every aborted baby. They are all written in His book. Psalm 139:16…..” – mycalvaryslove.com/

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