Government Schools – Seedbeds of Brainwashing / Indoctrination

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This whole issue of government attempting to dictate for parents their children’s’ education is a perfect illustration of government out of control. And, it is common knowledge (though often denied in liberal circles) that when government has its hooks in the education process, they control and indoctrinate. And they don’t stop there. They expand their nefarious, malevolent and destructive influence persecuting home schooling.

A primary example of indoctrination by public taxpayer funded schools is the teaching of pseudo science, – specifically, evolution – which, essentially erodes family and traditional society. It is anti God and anti Christian. Such, (I’m convinced) is what the founding and framing fathers of our nation never envisioned would happen.

A huge step in the long process of rebuilding our USA would be to abolish the czarist controlled Department of Education. Less control and regulations need to be the modus operandi for not only the federal level, but states as well.

I’ve always stated that public schools are the breeding grounds for liberals, who oppose traditional Conservative values, which have built this great country. What liberals cannot accomplish with elections, they accomplish with public school indoctrination, brainwashing. Else, how can one logically explain the liberal amoral and immoral judges who continually rule against parental rights and conservative traditional values? Those judges and the weak-kneed political leaders (for the most part) are all products of the public school assembly line type “once size fits all” industry.

Nathan M. Bickel


“Public Schools in the United States”  –  “Public schools in the United States have become predominantly liberal and atheistic government institutions that employ 3 million people and spend $411.5 billion annually at a cost of $10,770 per student. Spoken prayer, the Ten Commandments, and sharing of faith are expressly forbidden in public schools’ classrooms during school hours,and teaching of morality is implicitly disfavored. Homosexual indoctrination is common as early as elementary school in more liberal states. The failures of underperforming public schools are paradigm of socialism, along with landfills and the Canadian healthcare system.

The following are characteristics of US public schools: ….”  –

“….Non-Dismissal of Tenured Teachers.  Due to the strength of the nation’s teachers’ union, it is nearly impossible to fire a bad performing teacher with tenure. The process can take years and involves countless steps to even attempt. The union claims that the protections are needed against arbitrary and malicious lawsuits.

The New York public schools system has approximately 700 teachers accused of insubordination to sexual misconduct. They remain in seclusion from the classroom but are paid full salaries until their cases are heard, sometimes from months to years later. All because their union contract makes it extremely difficult to fire them…..” –

“10 Reasons Public School Teachers and Unions are Failing Children and Bankrupting America” –


Nathan M. Bickel

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